World Aids Day which is on 1st December, 2014 is a worldwide initiative taken up to spread awareness about the fatal disease. People all over the world unite by wearing a red ribbon on their left hand side. It is worn to show support to the ones who are suffering, and sympathies to the ones who couldn’t make through it. To make a mark on a larger scale, Apple has decided to wear a red ribbon too. Apple with support of the leading app developers are giving its users a convenient way to help (RED) acheive its goal of an Aids-free world. (RED) founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver is an organization which is fighting for an Aids-Free generation. Apple previously had raised $75 million for the same cause over the past eight years.


Starting from today (24/11/2014) to Sunday (7/12/2014), Apple’s App Store will include Apps for (RED) section which will offer 25 apps which consists of exclusive (RED) inspired content created by the developers of these apps. Anyone purchasing these apps or any in-app purchases from  any apps/games will be directly donated to the Global Fund raising program without Apple taking any share from it. [click to continue…]

Xiaomi is a 4 year old Chinese company which started off with MIUI as a third party operating system and further went on to manufacture smartphones. Their reason to enter into the manufacturing space was to give its desired operating software, a home of it’s own. So that everyone can enjoy the custom user interface without worrying about compatibility issues.

xiaomi owner

Just weeks after beating Lenovo & LG and claiming the 3rd spot as a the world’s largest smartphone maker, Lei Jun made a striking statement about his company at China’s World Internet Conference in Wuzhen. He stated that within 5 years or a decade, Xiaomi will become the number one smartphone company in the world.

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Apple which purchased Beats earlier this year in May for $3 billion to optimize music streaming is doing what might seem the correct next move. According to the Financial Times Report, Apple will now bundle up its Beats music service into an upcoming version of iOS which will instantly reach its millions of users. It is expected that Beats will be re branded under the iTunes moniker when it relaunches in 2015. It also suggests that the subscription service will be launching globally which was limited only to US till now.


The timing of this announcement is particularly interesting as Apple recently admitted that it’s sales of music downloads has declined. [click to continue…]

So Uber India isn’t the only one tieing up with local payment partners to reach more consumers (and comply with the laws), Apple yesterday announced that it will allow it’s Chinese customers to make app store purchases through UnionPay. UnionPay is China’s one of the popular credit and debit card system and holds a virtual monopoly on processing payments between merchants, banks and credit card companies. It has issued more than 4.5 billion cards in China and operates in all cities.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services has responded to its customers in China by providing an easy payment option as this was one of the most requested feature by its customers in China. [click to continue…]



A major talking point in the Indian Prime Minister; Shree Narendra Modi ji’s slogan for Indian development has been, IT + IT = IT. “Indian Talent” plus “Information Technology” equals  ” India Tomorrow”.

India is currently  home to about 200 million internet users. While this number may seem large, it pales in comparison to our population. The lack of infrastructure and awareness are key factors in this low number. To increase internet penetration and promote development  in India, this plan is crucial. [click to continue…]

iPhone users are mostly considered immune to malware and viruses. There are risks involved when you jailbreak your phone, but thanks to the tight controls of the App Store, finding iOS malware is almost impossible. So, if you didn’t jailbreak your phone you simply don’t have to worry about any virus. Until now!


Security researchers at Palto Alto Networks have found a new family of malware called Wirelurker. It is called Wire Lurker because of its ability to sense when you connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer running OS X. The malware is speeding through the Maiyadi App Store which is a third party source for OS X software in China. [click to continue…]

A smartphone without apps is not a smartphone but a feature phone! If you are using an iPhone in India, then these apps are a must have. It will not only help you save your time but will also make your life much easier.



Freecharge (Download from App Store)


Developed by Indians and currently the most popular app for Indians to recharge their phones, DTH and Data Card is only getting better and better with time. Freecharge enables you recharging instantly with the help of credit card and debit card. [click to continue…]

The m-Indicator app is a Mumbai travel guide and is literally a boon when it comes to checking train timings, the different routes of trains, buses or bus stops for different bus numbers. A week ago, IRCTC launched its android app called IRCTC Connect which would let you search & book tickets (No-doubt, m-Indicator being such a HIT). Initially, One would need to visit the desktop site to view or cancel previously booked tickets. The option is now available directly through the application. It’s free to download and is available on major platform such as iOs, Windows & Android store.


Recently, The Center for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) has launched a mobile application named as NTES (National Train Enquiry System) for the Android and Windows 8 platform through which passengers can make inquiries relating to their trains, making our lives much easier. The app is free to download and is already available on Google’s Play store.

As the dust settles after the launch event of the iPhone 6 and the Apple  watch, rather than the devices themselves, Apple Pay and the Apple SIM have in fact emerged as the key highlights in Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent Keynote speech. While the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are bigger, faster and have better displays the improvements are incremental at best. And while the Apple Watch is just a start in a whole new ecosystem of smart wearable technology, the reception was not that great, evidence of this is the fall in the share price of Apple on the eve of the launch event.

The thinking behind increasing the phone size was quite evident, with users migrating from browsing on their PC’s to browsing on their smartphones. Apple’s 4 inch displays were most definitely fighting a losing battle there. But, the bigger business impact may come from Apple pay, Apple’s new mobile payment solution. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus weren’t disruptive innovations, however, Apple pay might end up revolutionizing the world of plastic currency. [click to continue…]

Microsoft who acquired Nokia in last year has decided to wipe out the brand name of ‘Nokia’ from their phones by replacing it with ‘Microsoft Lumia’. Microsoft made the announcement via their Facebook page of France. Nokia France’s Twitter account posted the link of the same. Microsoft then confirmed to The Verge of its rebranding in other countries too. Lumia 730 and 830 are believed to be the last two devices and perhaps the last ones to carry the Nokia name. Thus, putting an end to the very much trusted brand which used to be every ones favorite some years back.


When Apple launched back in 2007, Apple iOS kept itself exclusive to iPhones whereas Samsung, HTC, LG, etc adapted to the Android platform leaving back their own platforms. To make them more appealing to the consumer they competed on various specs and smart features and they continue to do so, thus managing to stay in the race. Sadly, Nokia failed to do so. Nokia, too could have stayed in the race if they would have adapted to Android and not stayed with Symbian. This could have prevented its downfall. Nokia has long been criticised for choosing Windows as their OS over Android, which many believe led to the slump in its global market share. Slowly in countries like India, Nokia phones were just used as spare phones, in case the primary phone isn’t working or its battery runs out.

It’s worth pointing out that Nokia still exists as a brand and a separate company based in Finland that focuses on location based services including HERE maps, and network equipment. Under the rules of the acquisition contract, Nokia had agreed to carry the Nokia brand till the end of 2015.

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