Apple currently has been paying a lot of attention to the Apple Watch and it’s sales, especially for the walk-in shoppers. It’s the first time since the Apple Watch have been launched, that the company has put the inventory on sale in its retail stores. TechCrunch confirmed the news in Toronto’s Eaton Center. [click to continue…]

9to5Mac reported that Apple’s next generation both mobile devices along with PCs will be focusing on zapping bugs and also improving stability. The report stated that the iOS 9 will feature a new optimization method which will support the older hardware made by the company, even the ones which aren’t on sale anymore. This includes the iPad mini along with the iPhone 4S. The report stated that Apple is now building a core version of iOS 9 which will run on devices with the older A5 processor after which they will enable features one-by-one.   [click to continue…]

After the launch of Apple Watch, Apple brings to it, it’s first update. This is the company’s first Apple’s smart watch and also the first product released since the death of Steve Jobs.

This watch is way ahead from the first smart watch in the market and this is the the first company to nail the concept.   [click to continue…]

Apple today finally started selling their new official dock for Lightning-sporting iPhones. This is something people have been hoping and waiting for a long time after the last release back in September 2012. Apple never mention why it took so long to release this version but it is listed for $39 on the Apple Online store in the U.S. The dock is available in different countries though the prize may vary. [click to continue…]

One of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, Apple, has added another feature to help its customers know exactly where their near and dear ones are.
Founded in 2008, Coherent Navigation was a small firm that focused on creating commercial navigation services based on partnerships with companies like Boeing and Iridium, the satellite network operator, according to a description on the LinkedIn page of Paul Lego, the company’s former chief executive. [click to continue…]

Who doesn’t like to play Solitaire game on their PC? Everyone who owns a Windows PC/Laptop has played Solitaire Game at least once. Be it at the workplace,school or even while travelling.
Today,the very much admired Solitaire game is turning 25 and to mark this special occasion, Microsoft has announced that it will be hosting a global Solitaire tournament! Yes, you read it right! A Global Solitaire Tournament!


The first tournament has kicked off and is being played between Microsoft employees.
Players will have the choice of competing in five different game modes which include FreeCell, Spider and the classic version known as “Klondike.”
The game will be open to everyone throughout the globe in early June and the players will be facing same game challenges as faced by the Microsoft employees.
“You’ll be challenged to bring your best to defeat our best.” says the company referring to the tournament.
The other details of the tournament are yet to be revealed by Microsoft.
So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and start practicing the Solitaire game! Who knows, you might turn out to be the winner!


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The world’s largest PC maker along with being an emerging PC Plus leader, Lenovo has now launched the Yoga Tablet 2. On 18th May, in a press report the company stated that the tablet is supported with the AnyPen Technology. This technology lets the tablet adapt to anyone’s work and play as this innovation by Lenovo permits a user to use any ball point pen or pencil and draw or take notes directly on the tablet. [click to continue…]

For making the iPhone more useful, helpful and productive a new mobile application ‘Shuffle’ has been launched. This app lets the user create additional disposable phone numbers which can be used to call or text alongside receive voice mail from the iPhone. This application has turned out to be a competitor to ‘Burner’ which has been providing similar functions and alongside is also a longtime favorite. But to be better and more popular ‘Shuffle’ takes things a little further by allowing users to create email aliases which forward mail to the user’s inbox.   [click to continue…]

Arunachal Pradesh is in talks with the global giant Google to run a pilot for deploying Google’s new affordable Chromebook XOLO laptops for the state’s school system. The laptop by Google runs on the Google’s Chrome Operating System. Chromebook is designed with the intention of working on the internet with most of the data and applications residing ‘in the cloud’. This pilot project is proposed to be run in Itanagar and Ziro.     [click to continue…]

State Bank of India has launched a new touchless variant of its credit cards and debit cards which will allow users to make payments simply by waving or tapping the card near the machines.

Called sbiINTOUCH credit or debit card, it has been touted as a quick and hassle free method for customers to make payments at merchant outlets. These cards use Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) to complete these payments, so instead of having to swipe or dip the card in the machine users will be able to swipe or tap a machine and enter their PIN to instantaneously complete any payment. [click to continue…]

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