Apple is known for its hassle free designs and user-friendly UIs. With the patent granted by the U.S. Patent And Trademark Office on Tuesday (20th January), Apple once again has caught a lot of interest from technologists and Apple fans all around the world. The post describes Apple’s new patent as “Systems and methods for counteracting a perpetual fading of a moveable indicator” which deals with Troxler’s fading effect.

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HTC recently sent out invitations for this year’s Mobile World Congress(MWC) in Barcelona. The invitation claimed 1st of March will be the day on which the world will see what’s upcoming from the Taiwanese company. A host of other Android phones are also expected to release during the MWC, 2015. While HTC has refrained from revealing more information, all signs point to the imminent release of the One M9 and a smartwatch.

The HTC One line of devices are known for their premium styling, strong all-metal industrial design and the Sense custom user interface. The One M7 and M8 received good user reviews although the camera on both fell short of expectations. [click to continue…]

Amidst the revolutionary phase of smartphones, wearable technology is advancing at an exciting pace. With lots of news catching up on wearable technology, Google shared its plans over its ambitious yet exciting project, Google Glass. Google announced that Glass Explorer edition would no longer be available. Google also announced that it is working on an upgraded Google Glass 2 which calmed down the shocked tech enthusiasts.

While breaking the news about the discontinuation of the product, Google said that it will come up with the future versions of the Google Glass as and when they’re ready. This means that the project has not been scrapped but is now operational in the backyards of Google  [click to continue…]

The Apple Watch is all set to hit US stores in March of 2015, according to sources. Apple has been maintaining an “early 2015” release date for the Apple Watch till now but did not mention any specific date. Recently, the President of Retail Angela Ahrendts spilled some beans by telling Apple employees that the launch will occur in”spring” after the Chinese New Year. Sources also state that Apple is applying finishing touches on the Apple Watch’s software and getting the developers on board with the device. Apparently, the mass production of the Apple Watch is about to begin in January 2015 at Quanta.


Usually, Apple delays the Indian launch of its new offerings by a month or so. This means that the Apple Watch may come to India by July. Extensive training has also been organized by Apple in the month of February for its retail employees to acquaint them with the new product category.

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Last year, many reports and leaks claimed that Apple will use sapphire glass in its new range of iPhones. Although, Apple has used it on its TouchID for the latest iPhones, it is Oppo which has come out with the much talked about “Sapphire Glass” phone.


The new Oppo R1C sports a sapphire back panel that allows the device to be incredibly thin while remaining surprisingly sturdy. But, we do think that Sapphire glass in the front would have added more to the classiness of the phone.

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Ever since the iOS users have updated their devices with iOS 8.1.2, there have been a lot of complaints. These cover a wide range of topics like fluctuating WiFi, bluetooth bugs which prevent the connection of the device with the headsets, acute battery drain, etc. Keeping all this in mind, Apple is currently working meticulously on its next iOS 8 software update which is the iOS 8.1.3.

If we believe in the rumors floating around, Apple is set to roll out the new update within a couple of weeks. Hopefully, this version of iOS will put to rest all the complaints received for iOS 8.1.2. These rumors are fed by the talks of Apple already seeding the iOS 8.1.3 to selected retail employees of Apple to test the updates before officially putting it out for the users.

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Like last year, this year too YouGov BrandIndex has come out with the list of the most positively perceived brands. Apple after losing its position in 2013 has managed to stand on the sixth spot in this year’s brand perception poll. YouGov BrandIndex is a brand quality measurement firm which has obtained these results by polling more than a million U.S adults. These brands are rated by using the YouGov BrandIndex’s Buzz score which is obtained by asking the respondents about the brands. The respondents are asked if they’ve heard anything about the brand through advertising, news or word of mouth in the past two weeks, and if yes, was it positive or negative.

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Apple Inc. had recently acquired a patent for a wireless action camera. And now it has a new patent application bringing in joy for the gamers on smartphones. The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office published an Apple patent application revealing its interest to revolutionize the ‘Home button’. The new home button will transform into a small joystick protruding out of the surface of the phone. The patent publication by the USPTO describes it with the name of “multi-function input device”. The patent also reads the possibility of adding additional sensors to the mechanism with a force sensor, a contact sensor, an ultrasonic sensor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and much more.

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Apple has bagged a new patent by the USPTO for a remote digital camera with a remote control. The technology is based on the IP it acquired from Kodak which details a camera system which can be controlled by a smart watch. In this case, it could be referring to the Apple Watch. Apple’s Patent aims to rectify the flaws in the design of the already available portable cameras like the competitors Go Pro HD Hero2 camera.

The patent mentions that the GoPro HD Hero2 camera includes only a single image capturing system, which captures images using an optical axis directed from the front of the camera.

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It’s a appy new year for Apple. Apple has ringed in 2015 with all the right notes. Reports released by Apple reveal that iPhone, iPod and iPad users spent a staggering $500 million in the first week of the year. It is the highest weekly sales recorded by Apple.

Apple was the pioneer of the app revolution in 2008 when it set up the Apple App Store. Now, it boasts of the widest selection of apps and a sizeable loyal user base who are regular app store users. The company’s store offers more than 1.4 million mobile apps in 155 countries. Also, app developers prefer to code for ios rather than android because of the stricter regulations and better safety offered by Apple devices. Since, the arrival of App Store Apple has paid out over $25 billion to app developers. Although, Apple hasn’t disclosed the revenue generated by the app store, experts estimate it at around $4-5 Billion.

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