Apple buys

iPhone went through controversies when its officials decided to book the domain for it. The domain they selected for iPhone was previously owned by Michael Kovatch. Sources reveal that Michael bought this domain in the year 1995 much before the announcement of iPhone that is January 9,2007.

Apple paid an 7 digit dollar amount for its domain This purchase could be considered as a blunder and poor planning on the part of Apple and its officials. Sources also revealed that Michael had bought the domain for the of expansion of his business, but Apple genuinely needed the domain which led Michael manage to sell it. Michael reveals that after the announcement of iPhone the user visits to the site had increased.

It is certainly one of the biggest domain sale ever!!
Other domains owned by Michael are Soccer,,,, Wine,, Tee, and Cyber Michael has been at the right place at the right time, he knew that Internet would someday allow telephone calls and that will yield rich dividends.

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