iPhone freezed? hanged? stuck? How to recover?

So what will you do if your iPhone hangs? Yes the iPhone can easily freeze with the burden of softwares/apps, media and other features running on it. iPhone is one of the most advanced mobile device today with accelerometer sensors, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor and revolutionary touch features. In such a scenario don’t be surprised if regular and heavy users find themselves with a frozen / hanged iPhone.

So here are a few steps to recover from a hanged iPhone:

Close all Apps

There is a good possibility that the software / application you are running has frozen and simply pressing the home button for 6 secs will close all applications and take you to the iPhone main screen.

if that doesn’t do the trick try restarting the iPhone:

Restart iPhone:

Press and hold the sleep / wake button (next the the SIM tray) until you see the red slider bar which says “Power off”. After the iPhone powers off press and hold the wake button again till the iPhone boots.

in case neither of these works you need to Reset or Restore the iPhone.

Reset the iPhone:

Restore the iPhone: (Coming soon with Video)

Once you are back live with the iPhone it is worth diagnosing as to what caused the problem. There might be some data on your iPhone that might be conflicting with the OS. To resolve this Backup all your iPhone data (sync with iTunes) and perform a ‘Settings Reset‘. There are two options in Setting-Reset

1. Reset all settings (you will loose all preference/settings on the iPhone but no data)

2. Erase all Content and Reset (You will loose all data in this option)

These settings can be found at Settings> General> Reset


  1. Need help….

    my i phone has freezed & am unable to restart it, have tried unlocking it again but its not working. After running the unlock software (white script running), screen goes back to the original screen of “cd with music note & charger jack”

    Pls help….


  2. Tanuj : which version were you running?

  3. Hi,My iphone is stuck on teh page where all icons are..the main page of the phone.I am not able to turn it off.Even if i take teh sim out i cant make the phone go off..I cant even sync with PC.its just hungup.Please pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls help…!!!I can just see very very very dim light on the screen but just nothing happens..
    Pls help….

  4. Hi,
    Press the home button and top button for 5-6 secs, then observe that the phone will restart……and again if you will stuck some where then only press top button for a while i hope ur phone will start working again………

  5. hi, my iphone is hanged and i wasnt able to switch it off inspite of long pressing sleep/wake button. the phone was showing the main page & after the phone was discharged i put it on charging & after few minutes it showed the logo of apple on the screen & it vibrated for three times & then after a gap of 5-10 seconds it vibrates again if kept on charging.the phone is discharged still & hanged too.Please help.

  6. my iphone started freezing then i turned it off to reboot the system and its stuck on a black page with the processing ring in the middle showing me that it is doing something but i cant restart it nor will it completely shut off. I tried syncing it to get a response but nothing, i need some help.
    what can i do?

  7. i have the same problem as jiggzie. any help pls would be really appreciated!

  8. just use QuickPWN

    and unmodified 2.0.1 IPSW (or which version which suitable for your iphone version)
    downloaded directly from Apple.

  9. my iphone works perfect except that when im take it in sunlight it gets stuck, i restart it, and it gets stuck again, and i restart it again, and it gets stuck again, and on n on.. this is what ive been doing for a while.. i formatted, did everything.. i dont know , seems like the light sensors have a prob… or does heat got anthtying to do with this. any help appreciated !

  10. my iphone has freezing and the screen can noy open what can i do pls help me.

  11. my phone was hanged too and anand your method worked! Thank you!! 🙂

  12. Hi,
    After doing to reset on my iphone it stays stuck on the screen with the apple logo and it wont do anything. When i press the sleep/wake button and home button it just does the same thing again.
    Anyone, help ?

  13. Today (2009.08.14) I found these remarks, it seems no solution has been found meanwhile?
    I am faced with the same trouble, I resetted it yesterday evening, carrying for sufficient power supply, nothing happened (Iphone 3G, 16 GB, OS 3.01). Sometimes the sleep/wake button reacts, after restarting the same screen: the Apple logo with a non rotating wheel.

    Did you found in the meantime a solution?

  14. my i phone has freezed & am unable to restart it,when i press the button next to the sim it just goes blank but again screen goes back to the original screen of “cd with music note & charger jack”

    Pls help i really need to get my phone on…………. 😥

  15. hello i need help my iphone doesnt turn back on its off i do that and it only turns on the apple sign n it doesnt turn to main home …. 🙁

  16. I reset all settings on the phone and it took about an hour. Now i am trying to turn the phone on and its stuck on the apple symbol and then a loading circle with lines (lol). I reset it by pressing the home key and the other key together but its shutting down and the same screen is popping up with the apple symbol and nowhere else. can someone please help. I tried syncing it into Itunes and not reading it. Please help.

  17. plz..am in a same conditons..plz help me anyone

  18. plz..am in a same conditons..plz help me anyone

  19. Phone has froze up. Tried restart, doesnt work. sync to itunes doesnt recognize it. just has the black screen with the apple logo on it. PLZ HELP

  20. Hi,i just reset my iphone(all content),and it stops working after a while.there is an apple sign in the middle ony,and i hold the home and turn off/on buttom together but nothing happened to it again,its same….pls help me…pls pls

  21. Hi everyone, I have the exact same problem! I restart the iphone, the apple logo shows up, then the same logo with the non-turning wheel, it doesn’t change, I can’t connect it to itunes, nothing happens. Please help, I finally changed my 7 year phone, for my dad’s old iphone (he has 3G, and gave me 1G), and I can’t make it work. This iphone was unblocked, and when he gave it to me and went to options and erased every CONTENT, by that I mean pictures, movies, music, that shouldn’t have affected if the iphone was unblocked or not…. I think. Please help!


  22. Hi Everyone,

    Anand’s trick works the best!!! Press the home and top button for 5-6 sec. After that try to plug in your data cable to make sure there is proper battery supply to iphone. After that you will again see the apple symbol once again. Dont panic but leave it as it is for about 1 min. After that your laptop connected with the data cable will detect your iphone contents and your iphone will start properly with the main screen after 12-15 sec.

  23. @ Anand

    Thanks a lot dude for your trick to solve the freezing screen. It works just fine.


    Guys, if your screen freezes (without OR without use of any app) and if you are not able to turn the POWER off, then press the home button and the sleep/wake button for 5-6 seconds. After that, you will see the apple logo. Then press the top button only (if that apple logo does not go away). Wait for a while (I waited for apprx 8 seconds). And there you are…with you screen and everything!! (idea courteasy: Anand Verma)

  24. Hi all,
    I got similar kind of issue with my iphone, am not able to unlock my iphone(am able to see the screensaver of my i Phone, and touch is not working to unlock), I tried different ways like pressing home and top button for 5-6 seconds, and then charging…etc…etc…but nothing worked out for me…(Incoming calls are coming, but not able to answer as touch is not working)…any help is highly appreciable……….plzzzz….help me… :-(:-(:-(


  25. hi… everyone i got the same problem…. my iphone was freezed…. thanks to Anand…. his method helped me to open my set….. sowjanya pls try Anand’s method it worked for me…. i got same problem… touch pad did not worked…. i can see incoming calls but could not accept the calls…. just try once carefully it worked for me……

  26. i just did the following.Erase all Content and Reset..
    after i did this, my phone is gettin stuck in the startup screen wit the apple symbol. i have a 3gs 3.1.3 os.. pl help

  27. I tries anand’s method but isn workin 4 mE! pl DO HELP

  28. i hve jailbroken i phone 3gs which has got freezed . screen appears but touch is not working.anand’s method is not working .pls help.

  29. My apple iphone 3g is totally hanged up. May be it has lost its setting condition. Only a apple is shown in the screen. Now what can I do ? Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls help me.

  30. hi my my iphone is freezed it is been aa 18 hours by now and same sign apple sign on the screen nothing can any one help me to restart my iphone plzplzpzlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. Hi everyone!
    I was able to shut down my iPhone after it froze by pressing both top and bottom buttons at the same time for 5-6 sec, but then unable to boot it back up: it just showed the apple sign for 10 sec and then turned off again when I pressed the top button.
    I then started up iTunes on the computer, pressed down the bottom button while connecting the iPhone to the computer and that’s when the computer found the iPhone. Let go of the bottom button then and follow the instructions on iTunes. THIS WILL DELETE ALL YOUR DATA AND RESET TO FACTORY SETTINGS and possibly upgrade to a higher version, and that takes about 30 min to 1 hour.
    If your iPhone turns off while iTunes is downloading the new version, repeat the process of holding down the bottom button as you’re connecting the iPhone to your computer for iTunes to find it again.
    You may be given the option of restoring data from a previous sync, but that still lost a lot of data in my case (all calendar appointments, a bunch of phone numbers, all downloaded apps, etc).
    Good luck!

  32. Hi All,
    The solution of pressing home and top button togetehr for 6-10 sec works..then u will get apple screen…dont touch ur phone now..it is rebooting…leave it for 5-10 min…automatically it will reboot and u will be out of freezed state….

  33. I am trying to turn the phone on and its stuck on the apple symbol and then a loading circle with lines . I reset it by pressing the home key and the other key together but its shutting down and the same screen is popping up with the apple symbol and nowhere else. can someone please help. I tried syncing it into Itunes and not reading it. Please help

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