iPhone freezed? hanged? stuck? How to recover?

So what will you do if your iPhone hangs? Yes the iPhone can easily freeze with the burden of softwares/apps, media and other features running on it. iPhone is one of the most advanced mobile device today with accelerometer sensors, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor and revolutionary touch features. In such a scenario don’t be surprised if regular and heavy users find themselves with a frozen / hanged iPhone.

So here are a few steps to recover from a hanged iPhone:
Close all Apps
There is a good possibility that the software / application you are running has frozen and simply pressing the home button for 6 secs will close all applications and take you to the iPhone main screen.
if that doesn’t do the trick try restarting the iPhone:
Restart iPhone:
Press and hold the sleep / wake button (next the the SIM tray) until you see the red slider bar which says “Power off”. After the iPhone powers off press and hold the wake button again till the iPhone boots.
in case neither of these works you need to Reset or Restore the iPhone.
Reset the iPhone:
Restore the iPhone: (Coming soon with Video)

Once you are back live with the iPhone it is worth diagnosing as to what caused the problem. There might be some data on your iPhone that might be conflicting with the OS. To resolve this Backup all your iPhone data (sync with iTunes) and perform a ‘Settings Reset‘. There are two options in Setting-Reset
1. Reset all settings (you will loose all preference/settings on the iPhone but no data)
2. Erase all Content and Reset (You will loose all data in this option)
These settings can be found at Settings> General> Reset

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