iPhone Software: WeTool

WeTool is a multipurpose software for the iPhone. It relates to SMS and Call Log. iPhone doesn’t allow deletion of a single entry from its Call-Log. Again that makes me wonder where Apple conducted its super-survey before blessing iPhone with such advanced features while leaving out the basics.

However WeTool allows you to delete a singe entry from the Call Log and also a Single SMS from a conversation (SMS Log). And a bonus feature WeTool offers is Copying your SMS over to the Notepad.

Yes SMSD is the ultimate software for SMS on the iPhone but WeTool takes the edge with its ‘Copy to Notepad’ option. Moreover it works on all iPhone firmware versions unlike SMSD.

Installs via Installer Application on iPhones that have been Jailbreaked.

UPDATE: For iPhone V2.0 (firmware V 2) a software named CopierCIN is the best alternative! See here

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