What's wrong with the iPhone and Solution!

Updated with things the iPhone OS 3.x brings

The Great iPhone Drawbacks and REMEDY! Part I

  1. No sms forwarding!! That’s really sad that Apple missed out on this. Perhaps they believe people have moved on to email or maybe forcing us to. Whatever, in case you can’t resist forwarding those KEWL messages smsD is the software for you. Check it out in our review section! Also See iSMS and WeTool
  2. Video Recording? Another sad part. The 2MP camera isn’t the latest but has a decent clarity. However no video recording is a big drawback. The only alternative for us here is a limited 5sec video recording (without sound :() provided by showtime and drunken bass.
  3. Auto correction tool! Apple added this to make up for the difficult onscreen keyboard, however using short-forms and SMS lingo becomes difficult. Remedy: Kb – Disables the Auto correction mode.
  4. Zoom: Again an average 2MP camera but no Zoom option. CameraPro provides the solution.
  5. You can’t delete a single SMS or a single call record. You need to delete the entire conversation with a person and purge the entire recent call record. However the solution is provided again by SmsD / WeTool / CallD !
  6. You can synchronize your iPhone normally with only 1 system. Connecting to another system will mean loosing all your DATA! However Swaptunes and SwapPhoto provide a breakthrough, enabling you to sync with 2 PC’s without loosing data. You can also use this tool to hide those naughty/personal videos and photos.
  7. Re-arranging icons is not possible in the earlier versions of the iPhone(v1.0.2 / v1.1.1/ v1.1.2). However u can rearrange the icons using customize.
  8. Accessing / Copying’ SIM contacts is not possible. Remedy: iSim

Features we still await:

  1. No Bluetooth file transfer
  2. A Good Photo Editor
  3. Text Copy/Edit from SMS or Web or Notepad
  4. Download files to the iPhone

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