iPhone 2 aka 'iPhone 3G Review' (UPDATED)

Now Updated since iPhone 3G is launched

Though we can’t speak much without having the device in hand, there is a lot that we can sense. Using the 1st Gen iPhone for such a long period helps me visualize the changes that are needed. Apple has taken the feedback on its original iPhone quite seriously.
Looks and design: Great finishing. Apple always steals the show with the looks. To make up for the added weight of the GPS, 3G etc etc, the back of the new iPhone is plastic instead of Aluminum. Result, the weight of the new iPhone is 2gms less than the original one which makes the iPhone 3G somewhat thicker than the original iPhone. Its back is not a little more thick but the edges have been trimmed to make it feel quite sleek! Also, the plastic back instead of the Aluminum is something that was needed! The handset now surely fits into your palm better and blackberry and treo users would grip it better 🙂
3G: The obvious and much needed upgrade to the original EDGE iPhone. Add to that the Apple claims of faster loading compared to the Nokia N95 and the Treo. 3G provides better call quality and speeds the battery would take a beating (being combined with the 3.5″ screen). Check the Webpage loading speed (video).
iPhone 2.0: The 2.0 firmware is impressive. Checkout the cool upcoming games and apps. Many of these would be free!! — The appstore is now living with over 500 applications for the iPhone out of which 30% are free. Also, as many as 1/3 of the apps are Games. Gaming on Jailbroken iPhone 1st Gen was fun, now official releases would make the most out of it! Read about the appstore.
Camera: The same camera! This is bad. So wait until 2009 for the 3rd Gen iPhones. The images are somewhat more crisp and sharper but not many changes are observed. Its ALMOST same.
Battery: Wow, Now this is probably the best part. 5hrs 3G internet surfing, 24Hrs Mp3 playback, 7 hrs video playback, 5hrs 3G talktime, 10hrs 2G talk-time. — Ok, This one is not that loving. Though Apple claims were valid, reviews across the town (www) suggest that the battery is Average!!
MobileMe subscription provides seamless integration of all your data between your PC/Mac and the iPhone. (The service is now live)
Also, not to forget Photo geotagging, iWork supports Ms Office (Word, Excel & Powerpoint), Contacts search and more.

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