Unveiling the new iPhone and more: WWDC 2008


So after hundreds of rumors and insider stories all over the wonderland (WWW), here we have the faster & cheaper – 3G iPhone. The new iPhone comes in two colors Black and White.
Here, is the quick Specs:

  • 3G – Apple claims 3G is faster than Nokia and Treo.
  • Same camera – NO improvements
  • The 3.5mm headphone jack is normal. So no fussy adapters required. Plugin your favorite earphones freely
  • Better battery life
  • 8GB version $199 and 16GB version $299
  • Weight goes down by 2gms, thicker by 2mm. But thinner edges.

It seems like Apple has been keen on making the iPhone affordable and also being powered by iPhone Firmware V 2.0.
Loads of software’s and games provided (official this time!) will make the package much more appealing. Many of the software are Free. Mobile Blogging Apps, Sega Games (Amazing Graphics) and more have been demoed. Also, this time the New iPhone’s will launch in multiple countries simultaneously.
More on the iPhone 2.0:
1. The contacts search now available. So the conventional style of looking up contacts by typing the initial few letters is IN.
2. The new iPhone 2.0 firmware is free for the iPhone and leaves the iPod Touch users with a charge of 9.95$.
3. Ms office is not supported fully by iWork docs.
4. The Apple App Store now in 62 countries (up from 22 earlier)
5. Mobileme service: Syncs all your info across your PC, Mac and the iPhone over the air. Keeping all of them up to date and synced. (www.me.com)
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