iPhone hype in India

Vodafone has started to hype up the iPhone 3G in India. Though it will launch on 2G networks in India with Edge (as 3G is still far off). Vodafone is leaving no stone unturned. Big banners outside the Vodafone Shops and front page ads for Pre-Registration on Times of India can be seen. People are guessing the launch price and some are still hoping for a $199 (i.e., Rs 8000) which is a miracle (thanks to some stupid reporting on TV as heard).

But don’t be surprised if you see a price tag of Rs 28000!. Though our source tells us that Vodafone might come up with plans for below Rs 20000 (with some contract), lets see!

iPhone would be launched in India by both Airtel and Vodafone. Waiting for the big move by Bharti’s Airtel now…

Read all about the iPhone Launch in India here. Prices are a Bomb. But still somewhat popular…

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  1. Ankur

    Sources in Airtel reveal that with contract there might be iPhones in India for as low as rs 12000. But this cannot be confirmed. You will see this wonder gadget only in September though!

  2. Petes2cents

    I new that this time around was going to be more of the same. Huge line, no service, no inventory, horrible customer service, etc…AT&T couldn’t get it right the first time, what makes you think they would get it right the second time around ? I think if you never had an iPhone maybe go through the trouble, but if you already have one, why go through the headache for another one. Makes no sense. Apple always launches news products with very low inventory to create excitement and demand. I did it once with the mini me, and never again. I can wait, if I really want an Apple Anything.

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