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iRemember: Keeps you logged on in iPhone’s Safari

So how many times has it happened that multitasking on the iPhone has caused you to loose your data on the safari browser?

One of the major drawbacks on the iPhone Safari is the cookie forgetting problem, this also affected the performance of the recently launched GTalk for the iPhone. But with iRemember things will change. Though iRemember won’t remember your username and passwords directly, it will remember your login sessions (stores in cookies) and save time taken to sign in.

Download it on your Jailbroken iPhone 1.x via source: iSpazio: http://repo.ispazio.net

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  1. sdhsththyjfty

    “http://repo.ispazio.net” is not a valid source???????

  2. Piyansh

    go to the repository category in Cydia and install iSpazio..
    By the way its already in the list of community sources

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