iPhone 3G buyers complaining of defective LCD? (UPDATED)

This is nothing new, soon after the 2st Gen iPhone reached the hands of eager customers, we did hear the same LCD/Display/TouchScreen issues. And now we go again …
Apparently some iPhone customers are complaining that the screen of their iPhone3G, which is yellow tinted and warmer than the original iPhone. Though, I can understand the addition heat (read 3G, GPS etc) the Yellow Factor is a problem.Why wouldn’t Apple simply extend the black border to the actual edges of active screen?!

Apple has claimed that they have used the Same (100% same) LCD for both the original 1st Gen iPhone and the iPhone 3G.But given the popularity of this device, even the small of issues are going to be blown out of volume for sure!!
Update: Engadget Reports an official Apple source clarifying on the issue:
“The screen’s color temperature has been purposely altered, on the new iPhone to produce warmer, more natural tones, sharper images, and deeper blacks.”

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