iPhone 3G In India! Launch, Rates and more

News is pouring in on the iPhone 3G launch in India. Apparently both Vodafone and Airtel are gearing up for the launch.

Here, are the bits:

1. We already read on OG about the Magical Price Tag that can be offered in India. Just-in: Airtel might charge Rs 1000pm for the iPhone under contract.

2. We now hear that TRAI (Telecom Regulator) has some issues with the Activation Data being put on Special SIM’s for the iPhone! Not sure what, but something in the air.
3. Some suggestions were that iPhone 3G would launch in India by July End August end. But now delayed. Apparently there are issues deciding on the activation (locking) process. Update on OG about launch.

4. And last but not the least, 1st Gen iPhones running firmware V2.0 might get a unlocker soon, so enjoy the AppStore then. Also, chances of iPhone 3G making it to the Grey Markets increases.

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