Is the iPhone 3G shortage for real?

iPhone 3G launch has been far bigger than the original iPhone. And the biggest reason behind that is probably the 199$ price tag! To sustain that subsidized offer price for the iPhone the whole process of selling them to the customers has become complex. Yesterday we heard from TechCrunch about the iPhone shortages at AT&T stores and today we also hear that the Apple Stores have turned away a lot of iPhone buyers…

So it the iPhone shortage actually manufactured? Fake? Probably not! Here, are my reasons for the same:

1.The iPhone is not being retailed online as there is an in store activations process now. This means more logistics and front-end interaction with customers. Not easy to co-ordinate stock flow across so many countries and with no online sales.

2. A lot more people tried to activate their iPhone’s than the last time (again the price tag and upgrade to 2.0) thus resulting in  congestion and leaving behind tonnes of unactivated iPhones (popularly called the ibrick). Probably Apple needed to slow down the sales to keep up technically with the activations … Least to avoid more such reactions.

Still lets wait and see if we thoroughly receive any official word on it! Till then enjoys the overflow of iPhone articles all over the WWW (in fact everywhere!).