Apple prepares iPhone firmware 2.1, as 2.0 gets cracked

Apple has released its 3rd beta of of iPhone v2.1. iPhone 3G launched with the iPhone V2.x, and Apple has since allowed 3rd party apps via its App Store. However, installing 3rd Party unofficial apps on the iPhone has become easy since tools over the internet to Jailbreak them are available pretty easily. Hackers have had a busy time, and they have challenges Apple’s closed ecosystem time and again. For Apple, the iTunes model of selling apps is a hot prospect and anyone getting through that is a significant revenue leak for Apple.

iPhone V2.0.1 has recently been cracked, and it  allows unofficial apps. It seems like Apple is hurrying up with a upgrade to counter this. Jailbroken iPhones mean revenue loss for Apple (appstore). Thus, we can expect them to be quick to respond! We would also warn our readers about the security risks of jailbreaking an iPhone. Beware!

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