Airtel iPhone 3G India Price Defies All Logic

Almost certain, our source reveals to us that Airtel is to launch the iPhone 3G in India @ Rs 31000 (for the 8GB Black version) and the 16GB would cost Rs 37000. This is certainly way above the market expectations and earlier estimates of a under 20k launch.

This seems true considering that unlocked iPhone 3G is officially available for over $700 in UK. And combined with the fact that implementing a subsidy (contract) in India is not practical. However we doubt that selected customers with a good track record might be offered a better deal …

Updates: See IPhone India

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  1. Joy

    iPhone at 31K / 36K ! Not worth it at all. Does the Indian service-providers and Apple-India feel that there are more than few fools in India to buy it at that price? No way… Will fall on face very soon. Big failure I must say.
    Indians dont like to be extorted by anyone. Seriously, this is sheer burglary in broad daylight. I suggest that they make use of these sets to build their interiors/table/chairs, rather than dumping simply heeeheeee. Horrible business logic… no logic at all. Steve Jobs will be really sad to hear this. Sorry Steve, but didnt expect this from you. Dont make us feel cheated.
    Get me iPhone at the original $199+tax, I’ll pick it.No fooling around.The HTC Touch Diamond is a much better option here.

  2. Ankur G

    Exactly ankur u r very true. Why do we buy the f***ing Airtel and Vodafone trying to ful us.

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