Confirmed: iPhone 3G reception issues software related and not hardware

Macrumors has published a response received from Steve Jobs (or Apple) ref the iPhone 3G reception issues. According to multiple reports on the web it was speculated that the 3G reception issues might be Hardware related. It’s not uncommon for newly released gadgets to have minor software bugs or rumors of such bugs coming out just to get eyeballs. Given the popularity of the iPhone 3G we aren’t surprised that Apple is being pushed to counter such claims.

This time, Apple CEO has reverted and informed that it’s a software issue and not a hardware glitch. But as per the response received by macrumors it is a software issue that is affecting 2% of iPhone users and a update shall be issued shortly. Apple iPhone can be updated by connecting to the iTunes software on your PC or Mac. Do let us know, if your problem was solved with the upcoming update.

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