Using 1st generation Unlocked iPhone? Here are your options

Update: Updated guide here
So, are you wondering what you can do if you are currently an iPhone 1st Gen user? Probably using a Jailbroken and Unlocked handset!
Very frankly your options are limited, Very limited! You sill have to run the 1.1.4 or 1.1.3 firmware as there is no concrete unlock solution for the V2.0 (or 2.0.1 / 2.0.2). While the iPhone 2.0 brings the official Appstore, the 1.1.4 would still allow you to run Installer and download the unofficial applications.
The problem is
a) The Softwares for 1st Gen iPhone won’t be update now, since 3G iPhone and official apps are here
b) The new iPhone 3G is priced $199. So it will surely get more sales. (Also, owing to the worldwide release). Thus, further reduces chances of software updated.
c) The resale of the 1st Gen iPhone is now V V Poor!
So what options do you have as an original iPhone user?
1) Sell the iPhone 1st gen on eBay and go for the 3G
2) Wait for a 2.0 Unlock to come
3) If your device is not unlocked and you are loyal to AT&T or whichever network you use, then upgrade happily to V2.0.
4) Wait for AppStore apps to be available via Installer, to somehow magically run, on your 1st Gen 1.1.4 firmware … 😀
Update: Apparently V2.0 iPhone 1st Gen are unlocked. Installer, Cydia and Appstore all work. Cheers! The only downer is the battery life, which is little weakened due to increased background processes in V2.0.x.
Note: We do not support any unlocking, jailbreaking nor do we publish any methods relating to unlocking or jailbreaking iPhones.

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