Android attracts attention from Nokia, Motorola switches gear!


The first Android device, The G1 may not be a game changing, but its enough to unleash the power of Google Android. Google had formed an ‘Open Handset Alliance’ for Android with several companies committed to creating devices on the Android platform. Now after the launch of the first Android handset, the ones who aren’t a part of the Open Handset Alliance are perhaps feeling left-out!

Nokia and Verizon visited the Android conference last week that was supposed for developers who were still to get their hands on the platform. This has spiced up rumors of Nokia planning to adopt the Android platform.

Nokia’s are powered by the Symbian platform which dominated the Smartphone market. So far Nokia has refrained from adopting Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, but the open Android might be tempting enough for Nokia to switch. Nokia has already adopted the iPhone’s full touch concept and is scheduled to release its iPhone killer on October 2. Add to Nokia a touchscreen and a powerful platform such as Android – and you never know what the result is, might well be a REAL iPhone killer.

Motorola increases focus on Android

News reports also suggest that Motorola had increased its dedication on the Android platform. Motorola is already a part of the Open Handset Alliance, but no announcement has been made by it relating to any Android powered monster. However if these rumors are to be believed; Motorola has increased the team size working on Android from 50 to 350! Thats a 7x increase … If true hope to hear from them soon!


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