iPhone to be powered by EVDO, to sell on Verizon in 2009?


Rumors! So far the iPhone has been AT&T exclusive in the US. And its no hidden secret that AT&T’s 3G network is not the best around. Though iPhone is still tied to AT&T till 2010, with the various job postings on Apple’s web site for EVDO and CDMA engineers rumors of a EVDO enabled iPhone are gaining momentum. It would be a win-win situation for both Apple and iPhone fans incase the iPhone really makes it to other carriers in the US!

EVDO is an acronym for “Evolution Data Only” or “Evolution Data Optimized” which is a standard for high speed wireless networks used for Broadband Internet connectivity. EVDO transmits several users’ data through a single channel using Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) as well as Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) to achieve higher throughput and better utilization of network bandwidth


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