Cycorder: Video recorder for iPhone 3G / V2.0 (Cydia)


Cycorder is a Cydia App that makes it possible to record videos on the iPhone V2.0 (1st Gen or 3G). This is by far the best video recording software that we have seen for the iPhone. The videos are recorded in MPEG with sound. The clarity impressed us. The videos can be copied to the computer using iPhone Browser which is a pc software available on the internet. Simply go to the directory where the files are saved and copy paste it to your pc.

Cycorder is 100% free and full version unlike the iPhone Video Recorder that we used in 1st Gen firmware v1.1.4 and is currently available for 2.0 via Cydia (which is a limited demo version)! But Cycorder displays ADs to support its FREE status (We really don’t mind that).

FREE Application via CYDIA – Tested on iPhone firmware version 2.0.2

Cydia is an Installer alternative, that Installs on Jailbroken iPhone 2.x… Info here

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