BiteSMS: SMS forwarding and single SMS deletion for the iPhone 3G/2.0

All iPhone users have been waiting for a software which allows Sms forwarding and single Sms deletion.

Well our wait is over. ‘Bitesms’ which is available FREE via Cydia does the trick. It allows you to forward Sms and also delete single Sms on the iPhone with ease! Originally the app is made to forward sms through internet by registering on its site and buy credit. But what many of us don’t know is that the app allows you to choose the carrier mode to forward messages.

It also allows you to delete single Sms by just clicking on the Sms to be deleted and then press delete.

This acts as a replacement (in iPhone 3G /2.0) for SMSD, ISMS and WEtool that were available in iPhone v1.x. Though it is not that full featured sms app, it does the trick just fine for us.


  1. Install bitesms via cydia (free)
  2. open bitesms and go to new message
  3. click no message sent at the bottom and change settings to send via carrier
  4. you can also set bitesms as the default Sms app
  5. all in all it is a nice replacement for Smsd and isms which were available in 1.x


  1. allows sms forwarding through carrier
  2. allows single sms deletion
  3. counts the number of characters left
  4. can be set as a default ap for sms
  5. allows you to forward sms to many people at one time

Video Demo Coming Shorly!!

Cydia is an Installer alternative, that Installs on Jailbroken iPhone 2.0

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