Poof – Hide and unhide your applications (Cydia)

Poof is a simple App available through Cydia which allows you to hide and unhide your applications. It allows you to hide all AppStore, Cydia as well as system integrated apps on the iPhone.

To hide the app simply log on to the app and click no on the app you want to hide. It is also available on iPhone version 1.x through Installer. Once you are done close the application. The application will respring for few seconds and then come up to the normal springboard with the unhidden apps.

Cydia is an Installer alternative, that Installs on Jailbroken iPhone 2.x… Info here


  1. Hi I have hiden the poof application also, how to get back that one. I tried of uninstalling the application using cydia manage component. But it does not work.

  2. ok I got poof, and hid my camera cuz I got the camera zoom app. then when I updated my iPhone software, poof disappeared, and so did my camera zoom app. my original camera app is still hidden. how do I get it back?

  3. My favorite is Poof on the iPhone. Its work beautiful on me iPhone!

  4. I have hidden all applications by mistake using poof need 😥 😥 need help:cry: 😥

  5. Hey,
    Its great. thanks for the info.

  6. Hey go to ur keyboard and write poof or cydia
    and u will see the icon press the icon and wallaaaa!!!

  7. @Csnow
    omg thank you so much you helped me so much
    i felt like an idiot i hid all of the apps including poof i felt like an idiot haha thank you so much

  8. I didn´t understand csnow said:
    Hey go to ur keyboard and write poof or cydia
    and u will see the icon press the icon and wallaaaa!!!
    and I ask what keybord? the search on iphone shows nothing poof and cydia igons is hided…
    how to recover at least poof icon????? it was poofed himself! by me and no take back?no back door?

  9. I have figure out how to do this, in SEARCH (home button type Poof -instead poof- and it apears!)

  10. Hi!

    A few questions:
    Will this work on iOS4?
    Will it work on an iPad?


  11. Tried typing Poof on iPad, does not work……. HELP!!!!!

  12. Install SBSettings, go into it (sliding finger across the top status bar) go to more, Dock applicatons and set Poof to on, now when you slide SBSettings open and click on Dock it will be there.

  13. Sbsettings does all of this, but in a much cleaner fashion. i highly reccommend getting SBsettings to undo whatever retard mistake any of you have made with poof.

  14. Is there any app that does this for a non jail broken iPad…want to ‘childproof’ mine so my son can’t turn on YouTube.

  15. Sads,

    Go into restrictions in settings to stop youtube.

  16. Poof was working this morning, but after I installed Iconoclasm (the one where you need to purchase- I didn’t purchase it but it said Install) all of my hidden files came out. Now, I can’t hide any files. I click “Off” on Poof, but after I respring it, it’s still on my screen. Help?

  17. i had the same problem as ricardo, but i tried what he did and i cant find it Poof-POOF poof none of those found it, help?

  18. re-installed the app and found it, geuss that will have to do for now

  19. Thank You ALT Been trying to figure this out! yes if you hide poof by accident all you have to do is Install SBSETTINGS AND GO TO HIDE ICONS. you will find POOF. Thank you! Now I can finally hide it without it being permanant and still use the camera when needed

  20. Very helpful, thanks.

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