FakeCalls on the iPhone: Escape unwanted guests!

‘Fake Calls’ is a call cheater for your iPhone (Free via the AppStore). Though this one is not meant to trick your callers, its to escape unwanted situations. Once you activate this app, the app makes a Fake call to you after a few seconds.  The first time you open the app it lets you select the wallpaper you want to set. You can go to Settings and edit define other details. You can choose by what name you want that call, in how much time should it call and even select the background wallpaper when the call comes.

Even if you decline the call, the App will call again. (In case you activated it by mistake, you can exit the app after activating it by pressing the home key 😉 )

The only little and negligible glitch in the current version is that you cannot get rid of the keyboard in the settings once you activate it to type the name of the caller.


This app is FakeCalls don’t mistake it for the paid app costing $0.99 known as FakeCall