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MySms – Ultimate SMS App for the iPhone 3G / 2.x – Via Cydia

Isoftcom’s mySms is a full featured SMS App for the iPhone. The App allows you to sort smses by incoming, outgoing, conversation view, & received/sent list (instead of showing SMS conversations per contact, you can see a full list of your received/sent text messages). But by far the biggest feature it has is the DISABLING OF THE AUTO CORRECTION (Spellcheck) that really gets annoying at times on the original SMS App for the iPhone.

‘my sms’ Features:

  • landscape typing
  • reveals the punctuation keys at the right side of typing window (see screenshots) so one does not need to switch keyboards to the punctuation keys
  • sms forwarding (even conversations)
  • single / individual sms or conversation deletion
  • character counter
  • send contacts through sms
  • message templates
  • set main password on app loading/launch
  • Easy contact list search!
  • disable auto correction in SMS typing
  • skins (downloaded from the dev’s repo:
  • set mySMS as the default SMS app
  • Option to Tap return key twice to send message

Though the app is said to be a limited version, its still full featured with the only con that – 20% of messages send a little longer then usual (30 secs). A full version will get you ability to send encrypted sms messages with 256-bit AES encryption. (The $4.95 version removes the sms sending delay and the $24.95 version adds the secure sms functionality ).

The app has its own interface with a hint of black styling and is definetly the one I would consider over Smsd, Bitesms, iSms or another other sms app you have seen for the iPhone so far.

Cydia is an Installer alternative, that Installs on Jailbroken iPhone 2.x… Info here

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  1. saky

    where is the file to download?

  2. math

    what is the delivery report in the settings ?
    it sais request characters , what is that ?

    and evrytime i send a messege it doesnt go , it goes into my drafts.

  3. craaze

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