Hot Installer / Cydia Source for Nes Roms on the iPhone 3G / 2.x.x

I just came across an amazing source on Installer or Cydia (yes for iPhone 2.0) that lets your download NES roms on the iPhone 3G / 2.x.

Add in your Installer Sources to get it!

Add in your Cydia Sources to get it!

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Update: Xsellize brings more nes, gba, snes roms to iPhone

Getting Installer on the 3G iPhone or iPhone 2.x is the same as Cydia. Read here


  1. i added the source in cydia but i only got the m2 system and tools folders no games , etc

  2. yeah am too were is games???

  3. me too, where is the games?

  4. will this work on ipod touch 2g?

  5. yeah, f*ck!! the games?

  6. thank you,no!!!! (the person)

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