Safari Addon Plugin – Adds Pastebud and more! Cydia App

A great Cydia app “Safari Addon Plugin” makes it simple for you to get PasteBud bookmark (i.e. copy and paste from safari); thus eliminating the long installation procedure. You would need a jailbroken iPhone to get this feature working. It seems that the rewards of jailbreaking your Apple device is really high and hackers are doing a lot of things that Apple might add as a default feature sometime in the future. Our concern on security of jailbroken iPhones remain though.

The package adds a lot of new features in safari through your bookmarks like: Pastebud, Tabulate: To open pages in new tabes, Find in page: To search a word on a webpage; See all images: to see only the images on the selected website (page).

PasteBud works for on both iPhone v2.0 and 1.0

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Cydia is an Installer alternative, that Installs on Jailbroken iPhone 2.x… Info here