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iBlank – Create blank icons on iPhone’s springboard via Cydia (Free)

iBlank is a straightforward app for the iPhone which allows you to create blank icons on the iPhone’s springboard. It’s a terrific app as it helps to create blank icons so that we can line up our icons exactly as you like and use them for customizing the look of the theme (springboard).
iBlank is easy to use. All you need to do, if you would like to create a blank icon, is open the app and select the Create Blank Icon button at the bottom of the page. After that, you will get a pop saying that the icon is successfully created. Then select ok and close the app. The phone  will respiring, and you will hav get a blank icon on your SpringBoard. However, if you are facing trouble finding your blank icon (as you surely will) just make your icons wiggle i.e.| tap and hold any icon until they all start wiggling, you will then find it as you will see a blank space with  x in the top with no icon.

But there are reports that the icons created are difficult to delete. But in this case this wasn’t the problem. I could easily create and delete as many icons as I wanted. So i think you all should go forward without any hesitation and download this app. It is available via cydia for free.


Search for ’iBlank’ on cydia

Available via the ModMyi Source

Cydia brings cool apps on Jailbroken iPhone 2.x… Info here

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  1. Kim

    I installed the iBlank app on my iphone.. it tells me that it is creating blank icons but when I respring, the icons are not there. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, everything that I can think of but still no blank icons.

  2. Cdophfah

    I downloaded the app and the iBlank icon doesn’t show up on my springboard. It’s under packages, and I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and restarted. Can’t get it to work

  3. I just reinstalled it, plz confirm which firmware are you running


  4. Fernando

    I’m in the same situation. I am running the newest firmware (not the beta) and have the 3G iPhone. Also running the newest version of iBlank 2.0. When I choose the number of blank icons to choose, it resprings, and I jiggle the icons, but no blank icons created. Need help please. Thanks.

  5. Ray

    Since it’s iblank, you won’t be able to see it. You need to press one of the icons for at least 2 seconds, then you will be able to see the iblanks that you have created.

  6. ans

    i was thinking what the heck is this app what does it do didnt get it now i do u just put it in between other apps to make ur springboard look diff/cool i found it by holding a app till they wiggle then scrolled to find a blank wiggle thanks for advice

  7. Wow, they certianly managed to ruin an awesome app.

    In the first version you had to create icons one at a time, which sucked, but in this one you can create multiple icons at once…

    The downside, and its a BIG downside, is if you open the blank icons by, say, accidently touching them, it opens up safari, then closes it quickly, then trys to open the iblank app, then goes back to the screen you were on.

    Very annoying, and i cant wait till they fix it.. If they do, ill donate (and if they make the icons link to their own web page, I’m straight-up uninstalling it ^_^)

  8. mike

    what theme is that on the screenshot?

  9. vic

    when i download it i get no icon on my springboard i have 3gs and 3.1.2 firmware i tried it all unistall reinstall i get nothing can someone help me please

  10. Hello !

    For information it is now possible to do the same thing than iBlank WITHOUT JAILBREAK using the “iEmpty” website.
    (tap “iempty iphone” on google should work)

    See also the youtube video (link on the iEmpty website) for a demo.

    iEmpty allows to add transparent “blank” icons on iPhone or iPod Touch screens :
    – without jailbreak (works also with jailbroken with no theme)
    – without installing any app
    – it’s completely free
    – it has a nice “iphone-like” interface
    – available in french and english languages

    Let’s try it by yourself… you’ll love it !

  11. Lizzie

    When working with iblank you also have to have the option of the summer board on an after you create the icons hold down one of the visible icons until all the icons rock back and forth. The blank icons should be after the last visible icon. My friend forgot to press create iblanks after hiting the number. Just a small reminder.

  12. Todd

    hey guys
    i have iblank since i jailbroke my iphone, however i recently went to use it and i canrt seem to get into the app. when I try open it all that happens is my creen flashes ibank then goes back to the home screen. does anyone know what is going on? i have tried removing it and reinstalling and rebooting aswell


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