Pic Vault – Hide & password protect your private pictures via App Store ($2.99)

One of the features I miss on the iPhone has been the been that you cannot hide your private pictures or save in another application or folder. Photos app is the only way you can access your pics. So all your private pictures which you dont want to show to some of your relatives or family or anyone for that matter, cannot be hidden.
But picvault solves our problem. Pic vault is an AppStore app that allows you to hide and password protect all your private photographs in the app. The app allows you to create many folders inside it and then you can import multiple photos (more than 1 at a time) directly from the iPhone’s photo library or camera-roll to the folder. However, it doesn’t delete the photos from your iPhone’s photo library. It has to be done manually. The app also allows you zoom and view photos by scrolling them with your fingers like you do in your default photo app. But the features understandably as succulent as they are in the default app.
The app also lacks one outstanding feature which is that you cannot add any text or comment/note to the picture. Also, you cannot directly email these pictures. You will have to use the default iPhone photo app to do so. Also, one more defect is that the app is that the photos you add arent deleted in the photos app. You will have to delete it manually. But we hope that these defects would be cleared with the next update.
The App shuts down automatically if you enter the wrong password. Making the user relaunch it. PicVault also offers options to Export all content to library, Move all folders to all folder or Delete All Photos.

While importing photographs from the library, you click any particular picture to select it (the counter is seen at the bottom of the screen) and then press the import tab. When you click the photo in this process, there is no indication / mark on the photo to indicate that it has been marked (just the increment in the counter below).
But still this is the best app available to hide your private photos on your iPhone. Its only competitor is private pics which isnt as enjoyable as this app. However, i still feel that it is a bit high priced. But that understandable because of the features it offers.


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