iSteam on the iPhone makes a fortune


This crazy little app on the iPhone that moists your iPhone screen with steam and water droplet manages to make $150000 per month on the AppStore. The app uses almost all iPhone sensors like the accelerometer, microphone, speakers etc. You can actually blog the mist on the screen by blowing air from the microphone. Amazing!!

iSteam will also allow you to edit and share images with all that Steam. Priced at $0.99 this one is worth the fun. No doubt now it makes $150k a month.

– Blow on your mic to haze the screen
– Use your fingers to write messages and draw just like you would on your mirror after a hot bath
– Shake your iPhone to clear the screen and start over
– Watch the droplets form and leave their mark thanks to our unique SteamX physics
– Write secret messages on a mostly steamless image, and hand over to the hot girl telling her to blow on the microphone: message revealed – great impression guaranteed!
– Choose which of your favorite images you want to iSteam.
– One-tap share: Impress your friends by emailing them your masterpiece creations!
– Play Tic-Tac-Toe, Guess The Picture or anything you would do on a steamy glass!
– Finger squeaking sounds included

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