TVOut via Cydia – View your iPhone screen on TV; apps, media, games

tvout tv-out2

This is a breakthrough app for the iPhone. A TV out feature that lets you not only play music, video and games but also all your Apps  from a mobile device. So from Google Maps to Mobile Safari you can stream all that live on that big screen, WOW!

The app is FREE and Simple via Cydia. The App Settings for TV-OUT lets you toggle On and Off the apps you want to use with TV Out. Once you have connected the Tv Out cable (between iPhone and TV) you just need to choose the apps you want to use. When in use the iPhone screen goes blank and you need to see the TV and click on the iPhone screen accordingly.

While this app does a lot for the iPhone, firstly it makes it an awesome gaming device. Imagine your LCD + 3D games that the AppStore provides. Secondly (apart from music, video and images) this could well be the tool you would use for those presentations. And how about web browsing?

Since the App uses a cable it gives better results than Veency that used WiFi. We are still testing the app, more impressions coming soon…

Live TV Out from iPhone

Video ArsTechnica

Search for ’TVOut’ on cydia

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