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TVOut via Cydia – View your iPhone screen on TV; apps, media, games

tvout tv-out2

This is a breakthrough app for the iPhone. A TV out feature that lets you not only play music, video and games but also all your Apps  from a mobile device. So from Google Maps to Mobile Safari you can stream all that live on that big screen, WOW!

The app is FREE and Simple via Cydia. The App Settings for TV-OUT lets you toggle On and Off the apps you want to use with TV Out. Once you have connected the Tv Out cable (between iPhone and TV) you just need to choose the apps you want to use. When in use the iPhone screen goes blank and you need to see the TV and click on the iPhone screen accordingly.

While this app does a lot for the iPhone, firstly it makes it an awesome gaming device. Imagine your LCD + 3D games that the AppStore provides. Secondly (apart from music, video and images) this could well be the tool you would use for those presentations. And how about web browsing?

Since the App uses a cable it gives better results than Veency that used WiFi. We are still testing the app, more impressions coming soon…

Live TV Out from iPhone

Video ArsTechnica

Search for ’TVOut’ on cydia

Cydia brings cool apps on Jailbroken iPhone 2.x… Info here

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  1. Eduardo Gaspar

    I am trying to download without success

  2. lafreeteuse

    j’ai essayé l’application , les applications s’affichent bien sur la tv sauf que impossible de controler quoi que ce soit , l’ecran tactile de l’iphone (3gs) ne repond pas seul l’accelerometre et le volume marche . par contre l’appli ipod et photos marchent correctement .
    pour les jeux l’affichage se fait en vertical sur la tv et impossible de faire une rotation à l’horizontale et de controler/valider quoi que ce soit …
    Dommage . Si quelqu’un à la solution ??
    Iphone 3GS 16G + Cordon Belkin ref PM01669ea

    I tried the application, the applications display well on the tv without impossible to controler whatever it is, the tactile ecran of the iphone (3gs does not re-lay only the accelerometre and the volume walks(works). On the other hand the appli ipod and the photos walk(work) correctly.
    For the games(sets) the display(posting) is made vertical on the tv and impossible to make a rotation for the horizontal and controler/to validate whatever it is…
    Damage. If somebody in the solution??

  3. Chris

    Hi, downloaded TV out and can see whatever application I like on my big screen. But, I can’t navigate the application via the iphone’s screen. I can’t select anything. Basically, once the program opens I can just see it on the screen and cannot do anything else. Not sure what setting I’m missing? Any help would be appreciated.

  4. Piyansh

    The app works great but is it compatible with the iPhone 3GS and new iPod touch OR firmware version 3.0

  5. james

    great app.. please tell me your working on an update.. landscape mode.. and controlling the iphone while connected to tvout are needed!

  6. Juan carlos

    Hi guys. Hey i hace an iphone3gs and i got tvout from cydia. However
    i cant play movies from cydia apps on tv. I can play Youtube and pic but everything else i can only hear the audio but no video is played. Any ideas on what im doing wrong???

  7. yooo

    it doesnt work for me, (iphone 3g 3.1.2) i choose the apps i want to see on my tv but when i launch the app, it just shows on my phone, the tv does nothing

  8. Asaad

    any updates on how to make the TvOut work on the 3G 3.1.2 version?

  9. Tylo

    For me it’s the same(iPhone 3g 3.1.2), i hear on my iphone and on TV but i just show on my iPhone and the does nothing 😥

  10. Asaad

    I found the solution:
    take this file and place it on your iphone :
    in to the following dir


    you will see a file called : iapd rename it : iapd.3.1.2 <— or the version firmware u have
    copy the new iapd from the link above
    set file to 0755
    after you have placed it on the phone reboot and have fun

  11. Ankur

    i have the same problem with the 3.1 firmware and i did what asaad said but still no luck

  12. Carlos

    Sorry if it sounds stupid, bur, where the hell can the TVout app be downloaded from? I have been looking for a link to download it with no success at al

  13. Hi, you can download it only from Cydia,
    you should have a jailbroken iphone,

  14. jason

    how do you set it to 0755

  15. Asaad

    guys i can make it connect to the tv, but i’m facing two problems, one, is that i can’t use the touch screen anymore! how can i use it for games or images?
    two: i can’t rotate the screen 😀 need for speed is shwon vertically, (i cant touch the screen to play it 🙁

    any help on that?

  16. Roshi

    I am facing the same problem Asaad is having with his iphone. Gurus, solution please!

  17. Asaad

    Just to add that my tv cable is not an original apple one! i’ve got it from ebay for around $5 so is that related?

  18. Siegfried Erorita

    will it work on ipod touch ver 3.1.2? with original av cable from apple? juz got a friend install tv ou settings from cydia and it has a lot of settings.. i dont know what to set before using… also looking for a maual a coud refer to… will it also show my mobile office documents and photos? thank you very much gurus…

  19. Siegfried Erorita

    im planning to use this for classroom presentations by connecting to the video cable on the multimedia projector…

  20. dominick

    tvout…get audio no video?

  21. pablo 0898

    I have it installed and got it working great!
    I’m using 3gs IOS4.0 the problem ive had is, every game i play after installing it it runs very slow and glitchy as if its messed with the video settings on the phone.

  22. it is not working for me on 3gs 4.0 here is how it is acting,
    it runs for 3 sec then the screen turns off and on then the tvout2 shows on the screen, then i can see the app again for 3sec so it is not stable at all.

  23. Josh Yates

    I downloaded TVout2 and it works great on both iPhone 4 and iPad. Hulu Plus is now on my TV via EITHER device! 🙂

  24. Mikeee

    I’m having the same problem as ASSAD

  25. Lucky G. Luxx

    I’m having the same problem as Mikeee and Asaad. I got iPhone 4. Help!

  26. ddogg


    i’m looking for an app that ports the video out to our computer, via usb cable i think…
    i know it exists, and i was going to download it, but i forgot the name…
    any help???

  27. Fs

    Do I need a wire from iPhone to tv for tv out to work? If so what wire?

  28. Edwin

    The application work on my Sony TV perfect, but in my room my sharp LCD only display Black and White… Any ideas??? please.

  29. Ollie

    I’m having same problem as above only showing in black and White

  30. ara

    what is the programe that i should download it from cydia?

  31. steve

    I have the same problem, i got the apple composite cables, got tv-out2 but still got black and white picture any ideas.

    • Dante Cabrera

      check what tipe of video in your tv uses, NTSC or PAL

  32. Farrukh

    Where to download this ??? =S

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