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Make it Mine via Cydia lets you customize operator and banner


MakeITmine lets you remove the default carrier name like AT&T and put your name out there. The app also lets you customize the banner i.e. put a custom name instead of the clock that appears by default. All you have to do is enter some text in the white box and press either Carrier or Banner on the top to replace either! Sweet…

 The hack works swiftly on our iPhone 2.2 without any glitches. All done in a matter of seconds. This lightweight app is a real utility.

 Thx @sagsha

Search for ’makeitmine’ on cydia

Cydia is an 3rd part apps aggregator / store, that Installs on Jailbroken iPhone 2G / 3G/ 3GS and iPod touchInfo here

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  1. e

    how do you unistall make it mine app????

  2. e

    Yea I tried that the banner was still at the top. I figured it out. Thanx anyway!!

  3. Chioh

    How to install mim with cydia ? Plz

  4. 4l3n

    Is it compatible with FW 3.0? tx

  5. sfi_seba

    Hi all,

    I am on a 3GS jailbroken with blackra1n on OS 3.1 : Flawless 😉 Make It Mine works ok changing the carrier, but the banner does not work. Same in supreme preferences. Anybody experiencing the same ? Any solution out there ?

    Cheers all and many thanks,


  6. matt

    is there a way to make it colourful ????
    like red or green???

  7. Stefano


  8. Mkad95

    Thanks heaps I always wanted to change my iPod touches carrier thanks agian cheers 🙂 <3

  9. Applover

    How do you install

  10. matt

    @Applover just go to cydia and search for MakeItMine, click on it then at the top right hand corner click install

  11. Jeff

    How do you get the clock back?

  12. dave


    Just delete the text in the textbox and press banner with nothing in the textbox and you will get the clock back

  13. thomas

    i can’t find it!
    i’ve read all the comments so don’t tell me to read them again
    am i perhaps missing sources ?
    what do i need to get it ?

  14. CookiesAreNiceWithCREEEMMM

    Umm… Search Make It Mine on Cydia without the spaces, if that fails, search WITH the spaces.

    The source for this app/mod is included in your Cydia’s installation.

  15. chocolatesnice

    ummm.. i installed it but how to i open it (i have searched for it !) help!

  16. Strife

    Worked petfectly for banner and carrier
    -Version 3.1.3
    -Firmware 05.12.01

  17. Princess41

    i have a 3Gs and i’d like to know do I have to jail-break my iphone to get the MAKEITMINE app on my phone? is there ANY other way to get it without jail-breaking????

  18. daniel

    can u down load it from ur actual ipod through wireless?
    coz i cant find it

  19. TONY

    i tried looking for this om cydia but i think it was removed…
    is there a like i can download it from

  20. TONY


  21. TONY

    oohh never mine i foumd it…
    its makeitmine with NO spaces

  22. mmiizzee

    Hey Everyone! How do you do put the date in the Banner area? (I have the Time) Appreciate any help, Thanks

  23. Stevi

    You can access makeitmine by going to sections-utilities- makeitmine. Just scroll down to the m’s n you’ll find it. I swear it’s there! — 3GS 4.0

  24. Jemma

    What is Cydia and will it work on iPod touch 2nd gen?

  25. ANKUR

    Hahaha you guys downloaded the virus i made!

  26. Rail

    I just upgraded to ios 4.1 and the carrier logo is the same as it was when i used ur app on my jailbroke phone. I have no other jailbreak features. Can u please tell me how to change back?

  27. Scars

    Hi – I encountered a similar problem as Rail…. I had makeitmine app on my jailbroken 3g iphone and now that I upgraded to iphone 4 and downloaded my backed up apps my jailbroken MIM banner came over but obviously not the app…. how do I access the banner without the MIM app? and change back to iphone 4 original banner format?

  28. Matt

    I have the same issue as Rail and Scars. I had jailbroken my iPhone 4 with 4.0.1, never upgraded to 4.0.2, but decided to upgrade to 4.1 with iTunes 10 to fix the proximity sensor issue that most iPhone 4 phones had. When I was on 4.0.1, I used MIM to create a banner, and I also used Apt Backup to backup my jailbroken apps for when the jailbreak becomes available for 4.1. I connected the restored iPhone to iTunes and synced my last backup to the phone. Problem is that now I have a banner with no way to see a clock or the change the banner. I can’t even SSH into the phone because it’s no longer jailbroken. Maybe I can find a cool apple employee who may be able to help me. Can anybody help?

  29. Swifty

    Me too. I’ve upgraded to 4.1 and mim banner and carrier logo still there. How to return to default

  30. Matthew

    I would also like to know if anyone has a solution to this. I would love to have my clock back instead of “Bam!” – don’t care too much that it still says Verizon on the carrier hehe

  31. SCARS

    OK ,I see several people have this problem…including me… _ Not too many people with solutions though. So I’ve been thinking about this problem and I thought maybe I’d provide a possible solution. And if possible, I’ll like to get someone else opinion about this… OK here it goes: first take screen shots of springboard, so we can remember witch apps we have and how they’re all layout. Then reset the Iphone to its original settings ( IOS 4.1) and now instead of syncing to a back up copy we would just sync as a new device by selecting which apps we want from Itunes. Is this even possible? makes sense?

  32. Matthew

    Hey! I fixed this! Easy fix. Just go into settings – general – reset – reset all settings

    Worked like a charm and you don’t have to set up as a new phone.

    Before my carrier was verizon 🙂 (thanks MIM) and my clock said Bam! (thanks SB Settings) – now all are restored.

    I would have kept jailbreak… But it’s too unstable. I was respring several times a day.

  33. SCARS

    Thanks Matthew…it worked!! Too easy!!

  34. Dee

    Thank you Matthew! Operator Logo is now back to default and SO easy! 🙂

  35. Tips

    Whats great about this app is that you can change the carrier/banner to your own email address so that if you lose your phone, someone might be bright enough to catch the email address at the top of the screen and contact you at it!

  36. Serge

    Can you put text next to the clock? By a code or something?

  37. electech

    i tried downloading makeitmine from cydia and it says size mismatch. what does that mean?

  38. Jacob

    What is the font that’s used in the screenshots.

  39. kevin

    I downloaded MIM just fine on my iPhone 4 with 4.2.1 But I can not change the carrier or the banner. I type in the box and then click the carrier/banner button and nothing happens. Tried deleting and then re-installing but still no luck. Thanks in advance.

  40. unknown

    i downloaded it but when i type telus and press carrier its not working, i even tried banner and its still NOT working.

    can anyone help me

  41. @unknown Maybe it works when you update cydia… Not guaranteed but never shot is always wrong. 😉

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