How to save passwords / login info on iPhone Safari? Fix Cookies

One of the biggest drawbacks or shortcoming on iPhone safari is the inability to remember and save passwords. Though there was a solution for this on iPhone 1.1.4. But there wasn’t any fix for it on iPhone 2.2/3g until now.

Yes, now there is an app which can fix the cookies issue on the iPhone’s safari, and enable it to save and remember passwords, saving your time and the boredom to type manually your username and password every time you want to login to a site. Fix Safari Cookies via Cydia does the trick.One known thing about this package is that once you install it via Cydia, you get an error about the App being half installed every time you open Cydia. Just click ignores (DONT CLICK FORCE CLEAR). And the utility works just perfect.

Cydia Source for this app: PwnCenter:

To download this app search for ‘Fix Safari Cookies’ on Cydia.

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