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5-row qwerty keyboard for the iPhone via Cydia

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Yes, Its here! We finally have five row qwerty keyboard for the iPhone (via Cydia). It’s  an iKeyX addon keyboard. Its exactly like a standard QWERTY keyboard seen on your desktop. The symbols are also arranged to look like that of a computer keyboard, instead of the custom arrangement in the mobile device. It also features some of the commonly used functional keys and a NumPad.Tapping on the arrow button in the second row (which is used to turn caps lock on) gives you access to the symbols (such as !, @ etc) which are again arranged in the same order as those on the computer keyboard. It has also added newer keys such as arrows, tab, forward delete, home & end. To access them press simply press ‘123’ and then press the arrow button.

After you have installed 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard on your jailbroken iPhone using Cydia, you can enable the 5th row by going to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> International Keyboards and switch it on (its was actually default).

The app is available via the BigBoss repository through Cydia in the Systems category, and KennyTM is it’s developer (developer of hclipboard). The app is neat and works good. However, there are some issues of the ‘highlighting key’ feature not working at times after the installation. There are also issues of app crash and auto-correction not working. But we supposed that these issues would be sorted out in the next update. View Screenshots in the gallery below.

To download this app search for ‘5-row qwerty keyboard’ on Cydia

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  1. Piyansh

    Actually it makes typing all the more difficult due to less space between keys..and it will take some time to adjust to it as well.

  2. Ck

    The extra row is not an issue. I had the top row set for non alpha characters – great for punctuation and Internet search. Number keybord has the great 3x 4 row numeric keypad plus extra non alpha characters.

    I wish and I problem.
    The .com key did not have the option of my uk keyboard.

    It crashed, loosing all keys (now blank) after all the time I spent customizing it.

    I am reluctant to re-install until this bug is fixed.

    A way to backup layout would be great.

  3. Bcks

    This keyboard absolutely frakked my iPhone. Have uninstalled via Cydia and rebooted but now can’t text, use safari (with typing in a web address) or email (or anything else that required a keyboard). Recommend to people – don’t install this!!!

  4. ErnstLustig

    Not working on 3.0

  5. pedro

    this is not working on 3.0 wish someone will fix this issue

  6. madlogik

    not working on 3.0
    tried repair +reboot 🙁

  7. Bender Rodriguez

    Hey meatbag, either you can fix this to work with 3.0, or you can bite my shiny metal ass!

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