iHome – Home button replacement for the iPhone via Cydia (Video)

Here, is a alternative for the Home button on the iPhone. iHome gives you freedom from using the Home button on your iPhone.

While Apple used the home button for just one or two purposes with a single / double click function, iHome adds a lot more without a physical buttons. This looks like an apt use of touch screen and borrows some inspiration from sbsettings. iHome has five gestures that let you do a hole of of things on the iPhone. We wonder if Apple would want to take up iHome as an integral part of iPhone OS?

iHome has 5 slide gestures that perform different functions.

  1. Swiping from right to left would take you to the first page of the Springboard
  2. Stop your wiggling icons by swiping towards the left (recover from edit mode)
  3. Wipe from left to right to go into lock mode
  4. A short slide (to right) will make a pop-up appear with several options: Lock, Respring, Reboot, Power Off
  5. When used in application (eg Safari, iPod) swipe to the left to visualize a pop-up menu to return home.
  6. Long by 5 Seconds will take a screen shot

Video downstairs demos the app:

To download this app search for ‘iHome’ on Cydia


  1. I’ve downloaded this app onto my 3Gs with the 3.1.2 and the other app it requires (seen elsewhere) and it does NOT work. I rebooted and did everything it required one to do and not one of these swipes did anything but PM off!!

  2. Hello, i have the same problem, I think in default Cydia shows you older version of application (0.1). I think we need to add another source, but I have no idea what…

  3. now ihome is mquickdo

  4. one more thing, mquickdo isn’t free ($ 7.99)

  5. Just add sinfuliphonerepo.com to Cydia & you can find the cracked mquickdo, which is free 🙂

  6. have they changed the name of this app?

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