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‘Categories’ lets you sort iPhone / iPod Touch Apps in folders

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This is something we certainly need. With those big pages of Apps loaded on our iPhones it was a delight to have folders to classify and sort all those apps.


Unused apps folder (Topmost left)

 Categories via Cydia let you create folders and store apps inside them. So I would now go ahead and order those dozens of apps on my iPod Touch and our iPhone in different folders like Games, Utilities, Fun etc.

 The main screen of the App lets you create folders and edit them. You can then enter any folder and select the apps you want to put in them. The app is easy but crashes at times. However, there is a recovery feature that lets you continue from where you stopped.

To download this app search for ‘Categories’ on Cydia

Cydia is an 3rd part apps aggregator / store, that Installs on Jailbroken iPhone 2G / 3G/ 3GS and iPod touch

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  1. Joey Richard

    is there a program to make folders on my i phone. for example to be able to save e-mails in different folders.

  2. stephanie krick

    does this apps categories pgm. help sort pictures into different folders (title heading), then sub folders i.e. the year, then various folders within that particular year?

  3. Mike

    😕 I downloaded it and i dont know how to use it. it doesnt show up on my homescreen or on winterboard. im a noob at jailbreak stuf plz help

  4. blue one

    i put my apps in folders then tooj them out and now i can find half of them. theyre still there when i look at seacrhes but they r not there on the spring board help please

  5. Nick

    i have downloaded caterrgories from cydia i made a Games Folder and it appear on sringboard or the main screen But i created an Apps Folder on catergories but it did not appear on the main screen. I need help please.

  6. Nick

    any help

  7. Rikkie

    Great app. Works great, have organized my iPod Touch into a super neat interface. Thanks a lot!

  8. lawmathew

    Is this app available for Ipad i want to sort out my ipad apps and prefer it to be place in a folder.

    Any ideas?

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