iPhone apps to sync with Facebook

GigaOm confirms that Facebook Connect has come to the iPhone officially. Facebook has been the most popular app on the App Store and here they are certainly realizing that their future is MOBILE (just like Google).

“If you’ve used Facebook Connect on the Web, this will seem pretty familiar. You can now use Facebook Connect on your iPhone in the same way you can for a website.” (Learn more about Facebook Connect)

On day one with this service for the iPhone; Facebook has 9 apps that support Connect. Also, announced is a desktop client for Facebook Connect along with better fbFund backing for Facebook Connect developers.

The nine apps currently live on iPhone with Facebook Connect:

  • Who has the Biggest Brain by Playfish
  • Movies by Flixster
  • iBowl and Agency Wars by SGN
  • Urbanspoon
  • Tap Tap Revenge 2 by Tapulous
  • Whrrl by Pelago
  • Live Poker by Zynga
  • Binary Game by SayEight

Facebook also has a strong integration with the upcoming PALM PRE 🙂