Rock App – AppStore like installer for Third-Party Apps

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Rock app available via Cydia is an installer app which allows you to download and install third-party apps on the iPhone. However, it is quite different from Cydia, Installer and the new ICY installers on the iPhone. The app is completely like the AppStore and possesses almost all the features that AppStore has. To name a few they have features like Whats Hot, Whats New tab similar to AppStore. They also have categories and a search tab just like one in the AppStore. However, they have one more tab ‘Manage’ which includes the extensions, the apps installed and some settings like check for updates toggle.

You also have to have a Rock ID to be able to buy and install apps via Rock (similar to AppStore). In fact, they also have a ‘Rock Your Phone’ desktop app like iTunes to make an ID and to sync the downloaded apps.

A really good feature they possess is to use all the apps for a trial period and then decide whether you want the app or not. This is pretty good as the users will get a chance to see and use the app before paying for it. They also have reviews option at the bottom and also screenshots on the Page of the App. The only problem is that there are very few apps on Rock and most of them are paid.

On the whole, I must say that  the app is very good and is equipped with all the features.

Search “Rock App” on Cydia — Available via ModMyi Source

You will need Rock your Phone to use Rock App

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