Apple testing cheaper iPhone / Netbook with Verizon?

Apple+Verizon+iPhone-nano/lite+apple-netbook rumors just don’t die. Here, are some fresh reports that claim that Apple is testing 2 new devices for Verizon. The first one is said to be a lite version of iPhone (nano?) while the other one is a media-pad/internet book (HD Videos, music, calls over Wifi etc). With rumors in the past for both an iPhone Nano as well as a touchbook from Apple, it’s hard to ignore this businessweek report.

Verizon has shown interest in iPhone , and they would certainly be hoping for something. But why would Apple choose Verizon for a lite version of iPhone? Wasn’t that suppose to be for the Asian markets, probably India and China?

Just recently Apple stated that they are happy with their partnership with AT&T and are most likely to stick to them for now. However if, we take Verizon out of the equation, both iPhone Lite/Nano and a netbook type media device sound appealing. Specially with Apple COO, Tim Cook confirming that they have some intriguing ideas for netbook like device.

Android has certainly proved its potential as a netbook OS, and we are certain that iPhone 3.0 can also power an internet book or a mini notebook (it already runs iPod Touch). Coming months would be exciting, hope some new revolutionary handhelds from Apple are unveiled.

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