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Free Movies app on iPhone via Cydia (Free)

free movies iphone

Free Movie app via Cydia is another movie downloading app on the iPhone. We have already seen MobileTheatre and MobileCinema app which allows us to download as well as stream movies and TV Shows directly on your iPhone. The app has a pretty interesting icon similar to the default iTunes icon on iPhone which allows you to download and play podcasts and songs.

The app is pretty simple to use and also has a elegant interface with just two tabs namely – ‘Welcome’ and Movies. The Welcome tab has some information about the app and also the requirements. The developer also mentions that the movies listed are not uploaded by him, and they should be downloaded at the owner’s risk. The ‘Movies’ tab has a lot of movies listed alphabetically, though I wish they had an alphabetical scroller at the side of the screen OR a search option to search the movies. As soon as you click on a movie the app redirects you to its safari page i.e. Megaupload (It takes some few seconds to open the page). There you just have to enter the code given and the downloading will start automatically.

Overall, the app is pretty decent and does what it says. However, I wouldn’t rate this app over MobileTheatre Or MobileCinema as it has lesser features and options compared to those two apps. But I do expect some updates to the app. A search option OR an alphabetical scroller will do wonders to the app. The movies are stored in the path var/mobile/library/downloads and can be viewed in dTunes.

 Requirements: The app requires you to download the following apps.

  • Safari download plugin
  • dTunes OR iFile
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  1. Mohsin

    Goood site

  2. This is by far the best movie downloading app on the iPhone..and its my favourite as well..

  3. Brandon

    Well it was a great app but then today some1 posted a new app in the appstore so whenever i try to download a movie it redirects u to this stupid annoying sound app. Every movie does this. Any way to fix this?

  4. Randy

    hey brandon having the same problem i have never tried the app before just downloaded it and when i try to download a movie it takes me to the app store to some frequency annoying app 

  5. Jelle

    It was a very good application but now i got same problem as randy and randy 😥

  6. Yuki

    I have tried to used the app many times but after I click a movie to download, it turn to safari but it doesn’t load after I have been waiting for a while. What can I do ?

  7. billVSted

    hey umm it takes me to the safari page, and I have the required add ons but WHERE do I type in this code? there’s no place to…

  8. Dee123

    Having the same problem did anyone find out what’s going on.

  9. Christina

    There are no such apps in the app store.. At Least I can’t find them. A little help?

  10. Iran

    I can’t find that app. Can any body help me

  11. Greenwood

    Hi, do you noe where I can download an app to convert dvd movies download to iphone?

  12. 7ali

    Its not found in the app store. Its in Cydia….so my question, asked by others too, were do i type in the code….?

  13. andy

    hi pls i wanna know whats the name of the app?? and how do i download movies???? tnx a lot

  14. andy

    hi i wanna know whats the name of the app? and how do i download movies? tnx a lot

  15. Blake

    How do i download a movie? It just takes me to a sight and then i download some 1.35 megabite torrent and i dont have the movie.

  16. Oscar

    Plz plz plz help me… I download a movie and then it’s nowhere to be found , I have dtunes and pluggins. What am I doing wrong plz help

  17. Rocketman702

    I’ve had cydia And mobile theater for about a year and no problems. So about a week ago my 3g service was having issues so I reset my network settings and now when I download off of mobile theater or meow mix nothing shows up on d-tunes. Does anyone know a way to fix this.

  18. Oscar

    Rocketman I have the same problem… Can some some tell me how the dtunes settings should be for it to work… I download movies and then they don’t appear any were plz help

  19. Rocketman702

    I finally got dtunes to recieve my downloads. I just removed dtunes then reinstalled it. And you don’t lose your stuff when you reinstall it so that’s a plus.

  20. Stephen

    This web site is totally free and is has all of the new releases, old movies, and even tv shows anyone you could ever imagine. Go ahead and try it out and e-mail me to let now how u like it.

  21. Stephen

    Sorry the web site is Or you can just touch or press my name on this screen. And it will take you straight there.

  22. Remco

    I downloaded a movie on the movies app (american pie beta house)….now it has finisht downloading and i go to downloads tab in the movies app and click the movie and i hear the sound, but i don’t see anything, just a black screen. Please help

    also i want to know how i get in the mentioned var/mobile/library/downloads path….?

  23. Dean

    I just downloaded this and when I try to download a movie it tells me i need idownloader..I downloaded Idownloader installed it, tried again and it tells me I need to buy the app at the app store..removes idownloader and takes me to the idownloader file in the app store???

    anyone know whats going on?

  24. Dean


    I just downloaded this and when I try to download a movie it tells me i need idownloader..I downloaded Idownloader installed it, tried again and it tells me I need to buy the app at the app store..removes idownloader and takes me to the idownloader file in the app store???

    anyone know whats going on?

  25. Bill

    This is a great app works perfectly. My question is how do you delete the movies you download?

  26. jake

    how do i use dtunes its confusing

  27. Test

    iDownloader stuff is saved in /private/var/mobile/Applications/91654714-A9F9-4E8E-B487-CB23844BF029/Documents/

    Using ifile you can add that folder to favourites and move it to another folder.

  28. kopre

    For all of you who are wondering, this app is downloaded through CYDIA, which is another app, that you get when you jailbreak your iPod. Try GreenpoisOn to jailbreak it. so stop saying that you can’t find it in the App Store, its obviously not legal to download movies on your ipod. so this is through Jailbreak

  29. Ejrules

    Ok it is in cydia go to search and type in free movies. Ok I download this app I can watch the movies but idk how to delete them pls help the movies taken alot of space on my memory pls help

  30. Ryan f

    It works for me but can any one tell me how to delete movies after you’ve watched them. There doesn’t seem to be a button for this

  31. Ejrules

    Ok to delete them you go to the movies you have downloaded and slide your finger across the name of the movie going from left to right

  32. Jacob

    I can’t find safari download pluton I search it in cydia but it won’t pull up

  33. Declan

    How do you download the app??

  34. Lullaby

    I downloaded the FREE MOVIES Application and DTunes on Cydia. But when I tried to open FREE MOVIES and starts to download a movie, it says on its ” NOTICE: You need to install iDownloader first before you can download these movies”.

    Any suggestions?

  35. Conor

    Worked for me 😀

  36. miguel

    How do you delete the movies once you download them?

  37. ejrules had theright answer.
    go to your movie downloads, and slide your finger across the movie name, from left to right and a delete box will appear.

  38. Brunn

    My app has a little problem always when i start downloading a movie the app close automaticly :S

  39. Anonymous

    it now tells you that you needs idownloader to be able to download films and that comes at a price from itunes too

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