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Stuck on apple logo boot screen after Jailbreak?


Jailbreaking can be puzzling and can give your a heart attack if something goes wrong. And more often than not, something does go our of control. One very common error seen while jailbreaking your iPhone / iPod Touch is the Apple Logo where your iPhone gets stuck after you jailbreak using QuickPwn. Though QuikcPwn shows that Jailbreak was successful, you would not be able to use the iPhone / iPod Touch. Solution? Easy!

Wondering How to recover an iPhone / iTouch stuck on Apple logo screen?

This happened to me today while updating from V2.2 to 2.2.1. To get your iPhone / iPod touch up and working all you need to do is this:

After Jailbreaking – connect your device to the PC, turn on iTunes and leave them for 10-15mins. Your iPhone will bootup just perfect.

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  1. thnx alot for making us aware of such an info

  2. colbert

    Here is another way to fix your jailbroken phone.
    1. Restore your phone to factory setting, 2. don’t sync your apps you purchased from itune, 3. jail break it the way you did before, then and only then sync your apps again it will work

  3. Infact the solution mentioned here is not only applicable for jailbreaking..u can use it when your phone doesnt reboot..

  4. anne-marie

    thanks guys it help! 🙂

  5. There is nothing better than this to hear … that it helped! Thx

  6. Gustavo

    Thanks a bunch for the info. Heart attack indeed specially since it was my girls phone but you guys save the day and saved me from having to buy her a new iPhone.

  7. Bob

    When I plug the phone into the pc and turn on itunes I get the message that itunes cannot connect to the iphone because it is locked. Can anyone help me?

  8. Claire

    I had the same problem you had. It turns out that my iTunes was signed in on my friend’s account. Make sure you are signed on to your account. And then go into DFU mode. iTunes should tell you that the iPhone needs to be restored.

  9. preet

    Thanks a lot that really helps out. I got the apple logo, waited and lost my cool. Read your thread then it worked. Thanks a million times. Was updating iphone 2g from 2.2 to 2.2.1.

  10. jonah

    what do i do then its stuck on the apple and a spiral and keeps going off and on?

  11. carla

    I downloaded the activateMMS on my iphone 3G when I rebooted my Iphone it got stuck on the apple logo. I tried connecting it to my computer so that itunes opens my phone but it wouldn’t recognize it. What am I going to do????????? Help!!! Please 🙁

  12. Jayesh

    have the same problem tat carla has. downloaded activatemms on my 2g iphone. n now i m stuck with the white apple logo on the screen…please solve my problem.

  13. Willy G

    I have the same problem as carla and its pissing me off, I already jailbroke the phone 2 times and got happy as hell because I saw it was jailbreaking and the stoopid shit still stuck on the apple and the spinning wheel. Please help me!

  14. janice

    me too.
    stuck on apple and spinning wheel
    i feel like am about to start crying

  15. Brad

    i jailbroke my 1g ipod touch 1st gen. and i downloaded all 3 of the options it gives you, its stuck on the pinapple with a bite screen, and i dont noe wat to do. can u plzz help me!!!!

  16. Alyssa

    I had the exact same problem today, My phone kept popping up this thing that said device not compatible with iphone blah blah blah do you want to switch to airplane mode. So i turned it off hoping that would fix it well then it wouldnt turn back on the apple logo reboot thing and then it would just shut off. But if you do a hard reset hold the lock screen button and home button untill it turns off.
    1.Open itunes
    2. Push and hold home button
    3. plug phone into computer (while still holding home button)
    4. and it should see it in itunes and it will ask if you want to restore it.

    it worked for me, i’m just waiting for the update to finish downloading

  17. ashley

    the same thing with mine . after i was downloading an app on cydia it told me to reboot and i did it then it got stuck at the apple logo & i held the home button and connected it to my computer and it worked so i knew not to download the same app from cydia but i downloaded another app and the same thing happened and now nothing works so im waiting to see if this works wish me luck .

  18. stacy

    Like everyone else I jailbreak my iPhone and it was success! BUT when I installed an app it asked to REBOOT and I did. Then the APPLE LOGO came on; took longer than it should to load up to my homescreen. The thing was it NEVER load up, it just went blank again. Everytime I turn it on it just does the same thing; goes BLANK. I am so frustrated right now! I tried to reinstall the jailbreaking again but it just goes blank again. HOPEFULLY someone can help me…..

  19. stacy

    ALSO i tried to restore it but everytime it gets to getting done downloading the thing for my iphone it says connection failed!!! HUH>!>!>!

  20. stacy

    Like everyone else I jailbreak my iPhone and it was success! BUT when I installed an app it asked to REBOOT and I did. Then the APPLE LOGO came on; took longer than it should to load up to my homescreen. The thing was it NEVER load up, it just went blank again. Everytime I turn it on it just does the same thing; goes BLANK. I am so frustrated right now! I tried to reinstall the jailbreaking again but it just goes blank again. HOPEFULLY someone can help me….

  21. stacy

    glad to say; MY PHONE IS FIXED. i am so HAPPY.

  22. Toby

    i recently jailbraked my ipod touch but it just stays as an apple logo and it doesnt load if waited long anof for it to load and it just doesn work can anyone help? ❓ 😕

  23. @Alyssa: Your solution worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

  24. mj

    This didn’t work for me but what I did was, I push and hold the home button until the iPhone turned off, then open itunes. push and hold the home button again, and iTunes should recognize your device.

  25. Sam

    Hi My name is sami have iphone 3gs 32gb. i jailbrek my i phone its working good. just now i erase all datas. after i boot my i phone. 4 hours already still i can see only apple logo only, Pls help ? how to solve this i am ryt now online. My name is sam,From Singapore, e-mail

  26. Dieter

    I had the same problem: after jailbreaking the 2G with 3.0 (used both, redsn0wn 0.72 and 0.8 and both showed successful jailbreak) the iPhone stuck with the Apple logo and looped and looped and looped. Tried to jailbreak twice, but with no success. The phone was in a neverending loop and didn’t start. – Then I found this page. What worked for me, was the following procedure:

    Turn the iPhone off – push home button and connect the phone to the PC – keep Home button pushed and start iTunes on your PC – keep pushing the home button – iTunes realized the iPhone and wants to recover – install the current release or push SHIFT (on PC) and browse your computer for the appropriate firmware. iTunes than begins to install the firmware on the iPhone.

    I could start the iPhone up but – of course the SIM was locked, so I had to do the jailbreak again. I used iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw and the iPhone was ready to go (and I lucky again). Took me some hours to find out, how to fix this damned thing. I definitely will not use any patches anymore (tried to make MMS work).

  27. mike

    tried to to a commcenter patch. stuck at apple screen then apple screen with frozen spinning wheel..

  28. mike

    I have a Mac . Nothing was working . Roommate has a Dell Laptop. Got the phone turned off .
    1. Hold Home For 20 second.
    2. Plug into intunes
    3. waiting seconds then hold while holding home press power ..
    It will be in iTunes

  29. David

    thank you so much Alyssa ur advice worked perfectly i was close to throwing my phone lol

  30. mishahoi

    @alyssa, @dieter….. you guys saved me!! I searched on the internet for 6 hours trying to find a solution…I was ready to go to the shop and buy another phone and send out 700 emails that I had changed my phone number. no more jailbreaking… hell naw… THANK YOU.

  31. Lenny

    Thank you Alyssa, your saved the day!

  32. brandon

    hi guys, basically im having the same problem thats most people are having which is the iphone is stuck at the apple logo with a frozen loading icon. Does anyone have a solution for this bc ive been without my phone for weeks now. Please help!!!! thanks

  33. troy

    I installed blackrain and it worked fine. I downloaded winterboard and it asked to reboot. i did that and now my phone will not stay on. the apple logo comes on for 5sec then phones turns off. I tunes will not let it restore. what do i do

  34. brandon

    yesterday and today i spend countless ours of trying to jailbreak my ipod touch, restore, sync, jailbreak, restore, sync, jailbreak. i got so frustrated. now after i restored me ipod touch to 3.1.2 firmware, i skipped the sync and jailbroke it using blackra1n. then i synced my data back in using itunes. it finally finished, but on the ipod it just shows the apple logo, and the loading bar under it. it just stops 1/5 of the way but on itunes it says sync completed, ok to disconnect. the only way to fix it is to get it back in recovery mode, restore, and sync. how will i jailbreak my ipod touch?

  35. Peter

    This helped!!
    Turn the iPhone off – push home button and connect the phone to the PC – keep Home button pushed and start iTunes on your PC – keep pushing the home button – iTunes realized the iPhone and wants to recover – install the current release or push SHIFT (on PC) and browse your computer for the appropriate firmware. iTunes than begins to install the firmware on the iPhone.

  36. Adam

    OMFG. Everywhere else said you had to restore it and lose all your music, etc. My PC has no HD space so practically none of my music is on my PC (stupid but i’m getting a new pc). I can’t believe that was so simple 🙂

  37. Afzal

    Thansk Alyas My phone was having same issue and got fixed with your solution 🙂

  38. Ergolad

    I had a similar issue running a jailbroken 3Gs w/ 3.1.2. I have been using Cydia and Rock apps with very little difficulty. I had one lock up on the Apple start screen, but that was resolved by forcing the phone to reboot with the Home/Power combo. I have started playing with Cydgets and other locking screen mods. I had Cydialer installed and then tried another app called LockScreen only to have the phone get stuck in the Apple logo screen. I’m gathering there was a conflict between the two programs. Forcing the phone to reboot didn’t seem to do anything so I started searching around and came up with this and a variety of other pages. The solutions ranged from restoring the phone to factory to SSH-ing into the phone and editing files. My final solution required NO RESTORE and plenty of patience.

    All I did was plug my phone into my MacBook and force a reboot. After a little while the phone was recognized by iTunes and began to backup. Mind you the phone screen remained stuck on the Apple logo. iTunes would appear to backup and then drop the connection to the phone repeatedly, until finally a backup was completed. The phone would then periodically appear to connect and backup in iTunes. I waited about an hour, hoping it would finish and resolve itself. I went to bed and when I woke in the morning the phone was running in SAFE MODE. Leaving the phone in SAFE MODE I opened Cydia and removed the applications I had installed prior to the crash. Now my phone appears to be working just fine.

    Moral of the story? Don’t be hasty and do a restore, WAIT it out. Your phone may be able to resolve the lockup over time. Mine did.

  39. Ankur

    i used quickpwn to kailbreak ipod touch 1G(which was already jailbroken) to get cydia and installer 
    now after everything went fine i ipod was still coming out of the sleep mode and now it got stuck on the pineapple logo…plz plz plz help!!!!!

  40. Peter

    it doesnt work for me, it has the logo stuck then it shows the charging screen and goes back to the logo again

  41. Lucky

    Okay well, I decided to go to my settings and “erase all content and settings” on my iphone. It told me that it’ll take an hour but for the whole entire day now the apple logo is all I see. WHAT DO I DO?!?!? Ive tried everything that you guys have said, but nothing worked. It wont even recognize my iphone on Itunes 😥

  42. rajan

    thanks man
    i really thank u a lot for this solution. it really worked and m saved.

  43. Stephanie V.

    so i have the 1st gen. ipod touch and just downloaded the 3.1 update so its able to use apps. I downloaded apps, and everything was downloaded on fine and used up all the space.

    the problem is that now whenever i turn it on its frozen on the apple logo

    so i do the hold both buttons for 10 seconds. it works and i plug back to my mac, then everything syncs again. says its fine, BUT its still stuck on the apple logo with a load bar underneath that seams to never fully load. How come it doesn’t load? Please help and info on ipod is 8G 1st gen. itouch.


  44. Chris F.

    I plugged my iphone into the computer and let it sit. nothing is happening. it just stays on the apple logo when it starts up. i even tried putting it into recovery mode and plugging it in.

  45. Peteskete

    After serching through tons and tons of posts on the net about how to fix my i phone from being stuck on the boot logo, I finally came across this one and it worked 100%. I have a iphone 3gs and i was on the 3.1.2 jailbroken software. I had a custom boot logo so whenever i turned my phone on it would just stay on the boot logo screen for about 4 minutes and then reset and reboot back to the boot logo. My Iphone has been working completley fine until the guy from my service provider told me to Restore network settings after i was having difficulty on the data network. Turns out it was a problem by my network provider.
    After i done that, thats when the phone would not boot up again. I tried reapplying the 3.1.2 software with redsnOw with no sucsess. Turns out all i had to do was turn itunes on with my iphne unplugged, Hold down the power and home button together untill the phone restet, Then take your finger off the power button whilts still keeping a finger on the round home button, whilst still holding the home buttoon plug in the ipod cord and remain holding the home button – Dont let go of it during this process or it wont work.
    Keep holding the button untill the iphone goes into a recovery mode and itunes will then see it after about a minute or so. It will then say something along the lines of this ipod/iphone is in recovery mode and must be restored, it may also give you the option to update the software to a newer version if there is one available, your choice. Click next and itunes will then start to reinstall the firmware onto your iphone/ipod. I must add that the first time i did this process itunes came up with an unexpected error and said it was unable to continue, so i just clicked the rstore button again and it started working fine, The reinstallation of the firmware was 100% succsessfull. Please note that by doing this it erases all apps, games, notes, emails, music and contacts from the iphone/ipod, but it beats having a dead iphone. Its up to you weather you choose to jailbreak your iphone again, as for me i dont think i will, to much stuffing arrond 😛
    I hope this helps and thanks again to Alyssa for the original post 🙂

  46. MrM

    Thanks a bunch, worked like a charm =) Got a bit worried at first.

  47. coookiee

    thanks. The itunes logo is gone now, but everythime i try to jailbrake it, it just get stucks there :(. Anyone have any ideas that i can try to jailbrake my iphone 3g ?
    Thanks Again

  48. rezzwan

    1 thing i try to do it dat keep hold home+power button until it boot, works for me

  49. rezzwan

    ohh, forgot to tell u guys, i used blackra1n while i hold power+home, it can be 2 minutes.
    n now it’s 2 times in a row, it works

  50. Akshay

    My iPhone 3g was showin No wifi so I went to reset and reset all contents and network reset thing. it took 2 hrs and now it is stuck with apple logo and the spinning wheel after few mins the iPhone ‘ll flash and gets to apple logo back….i tried goin to recovery mode but its not goin…all i want is to restore tat… how to go to dat mode…pls Help me guys! I feel lik almost crying…:( PLS HELP…!

  51. Karen

    what if i dont have a sim card and i just want to use it without it ? what can i do?

  52. Phoenix

    So here’s my story.
    Last night, tried bluetooth tethering to my fedora(Linux) computer, and then wasn’t working.. Blah, why not restart? Oh! Look an Apple Icon… For a half hour. I knew I was in trouble since it doesn’t have Itunes.. It’s a 3GS, 3.1.2 5.11.7 firmware, Jailbroken via blackra1n, and then sn0w’d so and installed tethering and everything worked great until then.

    So as i’m typing this it’s chilling in this itunes, asking me to restore.. NO! I don’t want to. We’ll see what happens, I’ll send an update/response in a bit. Oh. Furthermore forgot to mention my screen is blank however, so at least that annoying apple is gone. I’m typing this to bide my time, and chill on the anger factor before I come crawling to apple store in uniform 😉

  53. Ryan

    wait does this means that it will jailbreak it cuz i just get stuck on the black screen and when i turned if off and on again it didn’t work BTW i didn’t plug it back in and open itunes so

  54. Simba

    Do you have to restore it?

  55. karen

    okay i restored it then i jailbroke it and everything but then it frezzez in the apple logo ,it gets me mad so i just restore it but i still cant use it cuz i dnt have a sim card and i only want to use it like an ipod and stuff ,but i dont know what to do?

  56. angela

    My iphone was jailbroken it was a present I’ve been using it for two months now it’s a 3g
    yesterday the white apple logo popped up and it won’t go away
    Then I plugged it into itunes hold home and so it asked me to restore I said yes
    Now I thought it was working but the screen is blank and won’t load now
    And if it does it like of “digitally starts going away to white” what do I do?
    It’s like it wants to come back alive but it can’t I don’t know what to do?
    Now I’ve tried to store it for the second time and

    very similar to Akshay’s situation

  57. angela

    sometimes it works for like 3 mins tops

  58. thealphaswarmer

    Hi guys

    After frantically searching – having a blackra1n jailbroken 3.1.2 iphone – this is the solution.

    Simply re-run blackra1in.



  59. APPS lover

    phew thx soooo much… lk u said i almost had a heart attack 😛

  60. John P

    This worked great!!! If your screen freezes on the Apple Logo, just connect your iPhone to your computer and open up Itunes and just leave your iPhone connected and it should go back to life after 5-10 minutes. Thanks!

  61. Bazza`

    does it work if you have restored it and it doesnt get bak onto the screen and stays on the boot logo

  62. minnieapple

    thx for ur advice,
    nearly died of frantic when it stuck on that damm apple logo

  63. soni_boy

    hi.. my iphone is not working the common problem.. apple logo.. i m restarting it the only thing i can see that is the apple logo.. plz guys.. need ur help 🙁

  64. THankful

    OMG… so easy, so sweet! How does this work??


    omg dieter and mike thank you soooooo much cuz it had the spinning wheel and nothing worked until i came upon this website and ur comments
    if i could give u 100 dollars i would
    (only if i had the money) XD

  66. zac

    hi i jailbroke my ipod touch with all the right stuff…but i was slowing down so i hit restore ipod and then erace ipod and so after that happened ever sence that it is stuck on the apple logo and the sprial thing and it keeps going on and off like this …. I NEED HELP!!!!!!

  67. soni_boy

    hi.. can anyone tell me that is the iphone 3.1.3 with baseband 5.12 unlockable.. if yes then how..? plz waiting for reply

  68. texas

    ok i still have an apple on my screen. I have a jailbroken iphone 3.1.2. I clicked reset on the device and was thrown into the world of the never ending apple screen.

    I have tried the reset thing. nothing
    I have tried the home, itunes, reset thing. Nothing. The iphone will not turn off.
    I have tried making it rain, once again.


  69. sam

    if u blackra1ned it, people think once it dies its gone; not the case at all. this may sound stupid but once it dies u go to and jailbreak it lik u did b4 and for some reason it turns it back on and gives u everything back so give it a try. If ur blackra1n doesnt work anymore and it gives u an error report lik mine (only found it doesnt work on some pcs lately) go to this website and it will tell u how to fix the problem. mine didnt work b4 but i followed these steps and now it does


  70. sam

    soni yes there is a way to do that. i will put the website below. this is a good jailbreaking software. it will jailbreak 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 software.

  71. sam

    texas, let it die

  72. raunyss

    finally unlocked.. my 3.1.3 bb 5.12.01

  73. mike

    OMGG thank you!!!! It worked yah dnt understand how happy my broke a$$ is!!!!

  74. paul

    Lots of Thanks to Peter — thanks a lot
    I got my iPod restored after jailbreak with Spirit. It takes me about 2 hours to find the solution but at last.
    Thanks Peter
    “Turn the iPhone off – push home button and connect the phone to the PC – keep Home button pushed and start iTunes on your PC – keep pushing the home button – iTunes realized the iPhone and wants to recover – install the current release or push SHIFT (on PC) and browse your computer for the appropriate firmware. iTunes than begins to install the firmware on the iPhone.”

  75. soni_boy

    yupieee unlocked… can one tell me how can i go for multitasking

  76. Eva

    The mike solutions work for me! ty vm

  77. Denise

    I tried a few things, but this is what worked for me:
    Turned on iTunes with my iPhone unplugged
    Hold down the power and home button together until the phone resets,
    Then take your finger off the power button but still holding down the round home button
    Still holding the home button plug in the iPod cord and remain holding the home button
    Don’t let go of it during this process or it won’t work.
    Keep holding the button untill the iPhone goes into a recovery mode and itunes will then see it after about a minute or so. It will then say something along the lines of this iPod/iPhone is in recovery mode and must be restored.
    Then restore or set as new phone.

  78. Kim


    Ok, I jailbroke my phone, then wanted to sell it to someone but all my contacts were on there so I actually went to setting: restore on my phone.. and selected erase all content and data.. then it went into the mode where the apple logo is on the screen and spinning..

    it would not turn off.. until I held both the hone and the lock button and then it just went black, did not even give me the screen where it says slide to unlock..
    at this point I exited out of iTunes.. then while the phone was BLACK I held down the home button… then plugged it into the PC, THEN opened iTunes while STILL holding the home button and BOOM the lil icon came up on the iPhone of the iTunes and the plug! and iTunes asked if I wanted to restore the phone! PERFECTION!

  79. Fred

    okay i jailbroke my iTouch(gen 3) a while ago and just decided today that i don’t use the apps as much as i thought so i figured i might as well just restore it back to normale but when i tried restoring it with itunes it said something along the lines of “iPod not not able to restore” not sure exact words. so i decided i would try and go into the iTouch settings and go to the restore tab and clicked “restore settings and(somehting else not sure what it said)” i did that about 3 hours ago and it’s still doing the same thing it was then… Showing the apple symbol with a loading symbol… can sombody pls help me to find out what the problem is? i really want to fix my ipod :'(

  80. Amean1

    It has been a while since I jailbroke and unlocked my 2G iphone (3.0.1) and it has been working great. As of couple of months ago, I noticed that phone will reboot on its own and started to do it more frequently. As of 2 days ago, my phone is now stuck on the Apple logo and is no longer responding. I followed steps that some of you have posted on this site but still phone is stuck on apple logo. However, I am able to force the phone to go on “DFU” mode where itune recognizes iphone and I am getting cable picture on the iphone.
    I wanted to go through restore process but than remembered that Apple made few changes sometime ago which rendered unlocking usless. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can advice me steps that I should follow to restore my phone and perhaps even upgrade to higher version and maintain unlock status….Thanks for your time and assistance.

  81. paul

    Hi Amean1
    You can easily restore your iphone, you can follow the same process as I have just posted just before your comment
    You can download the latest firmware here
    My iPod was also get stucked in the same apple logo and I follow the same process and get my iPod restored, this will also work on iPhone
    Good luck
    Have feed back

  82. Dakota

    My Iphone 3GS is stuck at the Apple Logo, and I have tried everything to get rid of it. nothing will work. I wanted to restore it to its original settings and its been doing this for 6 hours. I dont know what else to try… HELP!!!

  83. paul

    Try this same trick it will definitely work
    “Turn the iPhone off – push home button and connect the phone to the PC – keep Home button pushed and start iTunes on your PC – keep pushing the home button – iTunes realized the iPhone and wants to recover – install the current release or push SHIFT (on PC) and browse your computer for the appropriate firmware. iTunes than begins to install the firmware on the iPhone.”

  84. Amean1

    Thanks Paul for your response. One question, by following these steps to restore the phone, will phone remain in the “unlock” state once the restore process is complete?

  85. Fred

    my iTouch is still stuck on the apple loading screen as it has been since Sunday any one know what to do???(for more details on what happened look above)

  86. paul

    Hi Amean1
    Yes, your phone will be restored to the factory default. restoring installs the fresh copy of firmware all things will be new, old are erased.

  87. paul

    Hi Fred
    Did you restored it, i have already posted a solution.

  88. Ben

    What happens if the computer doesn’t even recognize it has been plugged in?

  89. Jill

    thank you 😐 this actually worked was in such a panic about my iphone 4
    used the holding the home button after resetting it and plugging it into itunes it definitely works thanks again

  90. Matt

    this solution looks like a lot of rubbish

  91. Michiel

    mine has the apple sign and i jailbroke it and it wont say its connected to my itunes so i cant restore it

  92. Suhaa

    i did jailbrake and tried unlocking with blackrain, it hangs with apple logo.. i tried restoring it from itunes.. it faile to restore saying ‘This device
    isn’t eligible for the requested build.” any suggestion plz..
    plz save my iphone..

  93. Toby

    @ suhaa , what you need to do is get the latest version of itunes. Then it Will work:) i had the same problem.

  94. ALYCIA


    okay, so i jailbroke my iphone about three months ago.. and my friend wanted to use it recently bc i want using it anymore.. so i went to setting and did the “reset iphone” thing, to where it would just reset the whole thing and erase whatever off of it. WELLLLL, i did it and it said it should only take about an hour… it has taken like three days and i used the advice where you hold down the home screen, BUT here is my problem.. ever since i jailbroke my phone, itunes wont recognize my device. so what the hecckkk do i do? itunes wont recognize it AND i cant get it off of this stupid screen

  95. paul

    Hello ALYCIA
    Download latest version of iTunes and try this same trick
    “Turn the iPhone off – push home button and connect the phone to the PC – keep Home button pushed and start iTunes on your PC – keep pushing the home button – iTunes realized the iPhone and wants to recover – install the current release or push SHIFT (on PC) and browse your computer for the appropriate firmware. iTunes than begins to install the firmware on the iPhone.”
    If this doesn’t work then try to get into DFU Mode

  96. Liam

    @dieter thanks for the advice i did it and it worked straight away thanks mate big help 🙂

  97. kev11

    i have the same problem but when i connect my ipod to my pc it just not detect it
    note: i stop the jailbreak download by shut down my device

  98. Aurey

    my phone is effed, immma gunna kill someone

  99. intergalactic neard

    it wont work my ipod is jailbroken on 4.00 but i dident want it jailbroken so i went to rest then restore on my ipod it restored but then ti rested and now it wont get off the apple screen i tryed what you said but it wont work please help ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now please

  100. intergalactic neard

    oh yeah i jail broke it on jail break me

  101. Yetti Man

    some one help. i jailbroke using lime rain and downloaded a source called ultra snow and and i lost all service so i went to general settings and hit reset all data and erase everything and now it wont turn on all it has is the apple sign with the loading thing and its a 3gs. it isnt even recognizable in itunes…. please help i hav money

  102. natasha

    Hi i jailbroke my phone and now it is coming up with the charge screen when i plug it in to the computer .. I used limera1n and then it only goes to the apple logo screen cant figure it out.. Itunes dosent recognize it.HELP someone please

  103. c0rex

    @Natasha Don’t panic. Whichever phone you have, get the redsn0w 0.9.6 beta 2 and jailbreak your iPhone all over again. If you’ve updated your phone to latest firmware then you’ve lost possibility to unlock it easily until iOS 4.2 comes out officially. As of now follow this:
    -Jailbreak again with redsn0w 0.9.6 beta tool. Restore with custom firmware made from PwnageTool 4.1.2 on Mac. Seek any Mac owning friend’s help. Do NOT use someone else’s custom IPSW files.

    @Yetti Man Use redsn0w 0.9.6 beta 2 to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS again. I can’t assure you carrier unlock. Use Pwnage Tool 4.1.2 to get the custom IPSW for your iPhone 3GS done by any Mac owning person.

  104. Ethan Poirier

    omfg! thank you guys soo much! you just saved my 32GB jailbroken ipod touch! i was almost ready to throw it away when i came across this article. You guys are heros

  105. forrest simpson

    if you get stuck on the spirial thingy when it is turning on just leave it sit for a while (it might take like an hour)

  106. Iz

    My iphone is a mess when i installing winterboard using redsnow on my 3Gs 4.2.1 . it says reboot device. Then after i tap it. The iphone reboot n white apple logo appear n keep stuck like dat . To restore back my iphone. I Open itunes. So i press

    1. Sleep/wake button
    2. Follow by pressing da home button ( press n hold both) for 10 sec maybe.
    3. N release the sleep/wake button while holding the home button.
    4. N ur itune will regoznize ur phone.
    5. Click restore . Done.!

    1st time jailbreaking with no fear. After the third attempt. Keep fail. So i just restore my iphone to its original state with my backup data.

  107. Nikhil

    Thank you so much.. the post really helped me a lot. I was stuck with the spinning wheel and apple logo when I restarted it. I pressed the hold button and plugged into the pC and the itunes recognized it. Thanks a lot.

  108. janeth

    i am using iphone 3gs and it was jailbreaked when i first bought it. after a few months suddenly the only thing that appears on the screen of my iphone is the apple logo and i cant access to anything. when i connect my iphone to itunes it says that my phone is in recovery mode. the itunes soccet appears on the screen of my iphone and the computer says you need to restore your iphone before you can use itunes.. how can i do that? when i press restore it started downloading but after less than an hour the itune soccet display in my iphone disappers and the downloading process says error.. pls.. do help me guys.. tnx..

  109. Sam O'Sullivan

    Yes but when i connect iTouch with iTunes it dosent recognize it unlessin DFU mode? is that supposed to happen?

  110. Kayla

    Omg. Thanks so much Alyssa. It’s restoring and hopefully itll be working perfectly. Thank you so much!!

  111. david

    i installed redsn0w for my ipod 3g. the cydia app is white. so i rebooted it. the pineapple logo ,for pwnage tool. how long should i wait for the pineapple to go away? (this is the 4.2.1 version of my ipod and 0.9.6b4 version of redsn0w)

  112. Shenese

    Hello i hav a 2g iphone thats jailbroken/unlock’d software 3.0…but for some reason when I tried to restore the data on my phone it got stuck on the apple logo. I know how to get into the recovery mode but I would like 2 upgrade to 3.13. I’m using itunes 10. And when I hit the shift & restore and browse the 3.13 ipsw file on my computer i get a error message that say firmware not compatiable. If I hit the restore button will i lose my jailbeak/unlock or do I need to get itunes 9 1st n order 2 upgrade?

  113. I’ve been doing this for a friends 3G and there has been no luck. Damm

  114. kamaro

    I have the same problem with iphone which is stucking on the apple logo,then after like 3 minutes it shuts its reboots its self, what can i do to fix it?because it’s jailbroken i tried to restore it with an itune but it was giving error while verify with iphone server.
    please help…
    thanks for your support

  115. kevin

    I am having a problem downloading stuff from cydia. I tried to download 2 different themes and both times after it was done downloading, it said to reboot. I hit the reboot button and my iphone gets stuck on the apple logo. I then tried to restore it with my itunes and half way through, it gives me some kind of error. I have to connect it to my daughters computer to restore it to default then connect it back to my computer to restore back to my settings. Is there something I need to do for cydia to work. I have a iphone 4 with 4.2.1 jailbroke only. Thanks

  116. Van

    I’ve jailbroken my Iphone 3GS , but it always goes to the apple logo whenever the battery goes low and turns off. I repeteadly did the jailbreak using redsnow…Is there any way I can avoid repeating the process of jailbreaking? ty

  117. Sekar

    Hi today I tried to jailbreak my iphone 4, everything went right my iphone rebooted after jailbrake process and the apple logo came up and it got stuck and nothing happend, it is still in apple logo. I left it for half an hour and disconnected it after that I tried to switch off but its not responding, then i tried to connect to itunes, itunes dint identify my iphone.

    Kindly help me to over come this issue.


  118. Francisco

    Van and Sekar,

    you need to put your phone in DFU mode, and the problem is that your iphone is not getting into DFU mode following the normal JB DFU mode steps.

    So in order for you to put your iphone into DFU mode read the following tutorial:

    Once your phone is in DFU mode DO NOT restore it with iTunes, simply use redsn0w 0.9.6b5 or superior (up to the date of this article the latest version was redsn0w 0.9.6b6, but I already had the b5 version in my computer so that is the one I used), and when running redsn0w select “Just boot tethered right now” then click next, it will ask you to turn off your phone and put it in DFU mode, DO NOT FOLLOW THE STEPS because your iphone SHOULD BE ALREADY in DFU mode!!!!
    Please read AGAIN…
    DO NOT follow the steps on redsn0w to put your phone into DFU,

    DO NOT FOLLOW the REDSNOW steps to put your PHONE INTO DFU MODE.

    ok, so redsn0w will immediately detect that your phone is in DFU mode and will start the “booting tethered process” and after a couple of minutes (2 to 5 mins) your phone will be back ON
    I repeat, after a very FEW minutes between 2 and 5 minutes your phone WILL be back ON.
    it SHOULD NOT TAKE more than 5 minutes, 5 minutes is already very conservative, but normally it takes 2 minutes.

    I hope this info will help you get your phone back on.

    Happy New Year to all of you guys!

  119. brad

    hey sekar just today thing happened to me. Just do this like someone posted above.

    1.Open itunes
    2. Push and hold home button
    3. plug phone into computer (while still holding home button)
    4. and it should see it in itunes and it will ask if you want to restore it.

    Now you have to hold the home button for quite awhile, I didn’t expect it to work then thank god the little sound was made when you connect the device to the PC…

  120. Sekar

    Hi brad, thanks for your commets, it worked for me. And I again did jailbreak process and now everything is fine. After one and half month I am using my iphone again. Thanks a lot.

    Now sitting and waiting for the unlock release for 03.10.01.

  121. JAS

    Hey guys I REALLY NEED HELP. I just bought an itouch 4 and I jailbroke it. The thing is, I accidentally jailbreak it again probably using another software and my whole itouch is jammed up. When I connect to itunes, my itunes freezes. I tried pushing both the home and off button together but it just keeps showing me the apple logo. THERE’S REALLY NOTHING I CAN DO ANYMORE! I’m really desperate now!! I don’t have a warranty cause I have not have the chance to register my product. And I did not buy it from an apple retail store either! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!

  122. R3dSn0w

    omg people just connect to pc and hold power and home then boot teathered

  123. James

    Hey, i have an iPad on 4.2.1 and i think i installed Yourtube 2 cracked, and once it finished it asked to reboot it, so i did. when i did it just has the apple logo and like every 10 or so minutes the screen goes black for around 5 seconds then the process starts over. help would be appreciated. 😀

  124. Nitish

    Okay so i tried everything and my iphone REFUSES to go into dfu and even in recovery mode the computer wont recognize and it has been stuck on apple logo for a while now. help plz!

  125. lindsey

    okay i tryed this and its still not working my screen just turns white then goes back to the apple logo


    im using the ipod4g and i jailbreaked with redsn0w, i was downloading winter board, and it told me to re-boot. so i did amd its stuck on the apple logo, ive left it on i tune’s ive switched it of using the methed ive tried but its just on the boot screen someone please help me im scared out of my skin

  127. Francisco

    Guys please read what I’ve posted 9 comments before.
    follow the steps and you should be able to recover your iphone or ipod.
    Do not be scared, your phones are NOT screwed, they are just stuck.
    If you follow the steps you will have your devices fully working.

  128. Jamahl

    i am so pissed off. i have jailbroken my 4g ios 4.2.1 ipod touch using the latest redsn0w and it comes to a blank cydia that doesn’t work. I boot tether it and it comes up to a cydia with a cydia with a normal icon but still wont open. So i boot tether it AGAIN and it works, until the black screen with a pineapple in the miidle comes up. It freezes for about 5 mins, then a faint progress circle appears – frozen – on the pineapple. It has been like this for about 2 hrs. If i hold the lock button and the home button for around 10 seconds it resets, back to a blank cydia. However, while this pineapple/progress circle/frozen screen is up, iTunes detects and is synchronising it??? So maybe it is just the screen. I have tried the task manager cpu1 method and the hold-lock and home-then-quickly-put it into dfu mode in redsn0w method, and no success. May i mention there have been numerous restores and 1 hr long synchronises (i have lots of stuff on my ipod 🙂 ). Can someone PLZZ help i have been on this for MONTHS on end. Thx.

  129. Jamahl

    Oh yeah, and i have tried your method @Fransisco

  130. Jamahl

    Sorry FranCisco

  131. Francisco


    If i understand correctly, your ipod is detected by your computer when you connect it.
    if you are worried about the contents of your ipod, then you can download iPhoneBrowser (google it) and back up all your data.
    after backing it up, then you can restore your ipod to the original ipsw firmware.
    I recommend you to re-download redns0w and retry the teather boot.

  132. Jamahl

    thx. ill get back to you if it works or not. 🙂

  133. Jamahl

    it doesn’t work :'( exactly the same result except that ever 5 seconds the ipod makes the noise it does when it’s connected to the computer

  134. Michael

    Hey! It is Feb 2011…….and my old iPhone 2G, jailbroken running 3.1.2 was stuck on the start logo. My original problem was that the phone suddenly lost all Wifi network connections and I followed an Apple page advice to Erase all Content…….after the hour of erasing, the phone would no longer start….and the heart-attack scenario doon appeared as the f****ing thing was stuck on the start logo and not recognised in iTunes, and then I found this thread….. and I followed Dieter’s advice and now it’s working again!!! Thanks so much!!!!! FANTASTIC! Have faith and follow the instructions perfectly!!

  135. D Udder Nikhil

    Hey! It is Feb 2011…….and my old iPhone 2G, jailbroken running 3.1.2 was stuck on the start logo. My original problem was that the phone suddenly lost all Wifi network connections and I followed an Apple page advice to Erase all Content…….after the hour of erasing, the phone would no longer start….and the heart-attack scenario doon appeared as the f****ing thing was stuck on the start logo and not recognised in iTunes, and then I found this thread….. and I followed Dieter’s advice and now it’s working again!!! Thanks so much!!!!! FANTASTIC! Have faith and follow the instructions perfectly!!

  136. D Udder Nikhil

    hey ladies

  137. Aron

    there is an easier solution!

    plug your iPhone/iPod Touch into your computer.

    load up iTunes, power your iPhone/iPod Touch off.
    once it has turned off hold the power button and home button in for 10 seconds and then let go.

    iTunes will then notify you about recovery, follow the steps and you have a completely working iPhone/iPod Touch.

    (WARNING! your iPhone/iPod Touch will loose every thing on it! Your pictures, apps, contacts, songs, videos, your jailbreak etc)

    so back up your iPhone/iPod Touch before you do this.

  138. awesome

    my ipod 4g is jailbroken and is stuck on my assassins creed boot logo what can i do please

  139. awesome

    hi awesome again another way you can do it is to hold down the lock button for 2 seconds the the home and the lock button for 10 secs and then the home button for 10 secs then it should pick it up on itunes then just restore and rejailbreak

  140. dan

    helllo i have an iphone 4 and i jailbroke it using a teathered version….
    i accedentally tried to reboot it without connecting to my comp and now i am stuck with a
    apple logo and a loading bar…. i can no turn it off to reboot with my comp because i only see the logo… what can i do

  141. samedy

    Dear Sir
    Pls help , after i Jailbreak with Redsnow then install Khmer keyboard and restart springboard, after that my iphone4 can’t log in to OS, and i want to restore by using iTune is not working , 🙁 pls help ..

    many many thank

  142. samedy

    sorry everybody, the first time i didn’t read the previous post. but now i read it then it working with bellow :
    1. Push and hold home button (with yr Iphone)
    2. Open Itune ( still hold home in yr Iphone)
    3. Plug yr devise to PC
    4. Itune will pop-up some message for u,
    5. start to restore yr Iphone …..

    it working for my Iphone4, and many for the previous post …….

  143. Mitch

    NEVER…AGAIN!…will I ever jail break my iPod Touch. It’s such a waste of time….and money! I spent $180 on a brand new iPod Touch 4g and jail broke it. What happened 3 days later?….IT CRASHED AND WON’T turn on! And yes, the battery is fine. So my advice is DO NOT RISK JAIL BREAKING YOUR IPOD TOUCH! It’s like a virus for it!

  144. Light

    Turn Ipod off. Have iTunes open. Plug in iPod hold down home button. Wait until it says something about recovery its working for me

  145. Alan

    oh thank god it work.. all my work related matters are all in the phone…. thanks again!

  146. jinal

    i hv installed application from cydia since then my i phone is getting on and off by showing apple logo n spinning wheel on it…i hvae followed all above steps bt its nt working, it gets identifed in itunes n getting synchronize bt still its not gettin started. plzzzzzzzzzzz hepl what should i do????? plzzzzz someone help me

  147. Narendra

    I have a jailbroken 3G that I “Erase data and all settings”.. and now it won’t start. It goes to that apple screen before startup and just stays there, reboots itself and stays. I’ve tried connecting it to iTunes, but the computer doesn’t recognize the phone.

    Here is the answer for above question.

    Follow the below steps and you are all set no worries:
    1- shutdown your iphone with the hard reset “home button and power for 10 second”
    2- connect the usb cable to the pc but NOT to the iphone”
    3- open itunes
    4- while the iphone is off, press the home button for 5-10 seconds then plus the other end of the white connection cable into the iphone
    5- do not remove your finger from the home button
    6- itunes will detect it and you can now restore it
    7- finally you need to jailbreak it again..follow the web instructions

    Good luck

    • Yvonne Ayroso

      thanx a lot! i was so worried that i wont able to use again my i phone! now it’s working!!!

  148. debra

    Hey i tried to jailbreak the iphone 3gs with red snow and it also changed the baseband and ti said to reboot now it is stuck on the apple screen and wont budge help

  149. paul

    Hi @debra
    u have to send ur 3g to recovery mode there are lots of solutions already written above…one is just above ur comment…that is the only way to recover all ipods or iphones

  150. debra

    Hi Paul thanks for the reply, another problem is i did try the solution before posting but i forgot to mention i does not want to charge up also a screen comes on with the battery only the first bit is red then it goes to the apple screen. any help for this one thanks

  151. paul

    look when ur pc got many problem and if u not able to solve then what u do? or suppose if ur windows file got corrupt & it stuck in a booting, then the only solution is to format & reinstalling the windows. Same thing is with iPod & iPhones, get into recovery mode and install the iphone OS, is the only solution. and my friend it is not possible to stop charging the battery..and if u want to recover songs or data then u can try “Daniusoft itransfer” may be it work.

  152. debra

    hi paul thanks i will try it hopefully it goes ok cheers debra

  153. Lexi

    okay so i went to jailbreak my ipod touch, and after i was done jailbreaking it, the ipod said that it needed to reboot. so i waited for it, and then it started to reboot itself, but then now it wont get off the apple logo. and when i try to turn it off by pressing the home and power button, it shuts off for a minute then automatically turns back onto the apple logo. i dont know what to do and its the new ipod with the camera, i really need help!

  154. paul

    @ Lexin
    Same thing also happened to me before and i was able to recover ipod after 2 hrs. u need to get into recovery mode, many solutions were also posted by me above & also from Narendra, (use search option) and try that, that is the only way to get through, if ur ipod is not switching off then continuously try it. It will surely get off, try using only power off button.

  155. Anonymous

    After attempting the jailbreak the 3G my phone is now frozen with the apple logo. I’ve followed the instructions below however my laptop is still not recognizing the phone. Help.

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