Multi tap keyboard brings T9 to the iPhone / iPod Touch


T9 multitap on the iPhone? Yes! an iKeyEx keyboard available via Cydia, does the trick. After installing all you need to do is hit the Globe on your iPhone / iPod Touch keyboard and Multitap would be one of the available alternatives.

The multi tap keyboard is suitable for Nokia users shifting to the iPhone. This is certainly something we hope Apple puts officially into the iPhone to increase its compatibility and reach. After all not everyone buys that iPhone for the QWERTY, some jut want a cool phone that they can use 🙂


Make sure you have activated Multi Tap keyboard in Settings>General>Keyboards>International.


Tested in email, sms, safari. Portrait and Landscape mode. Works!!

UPDATE: Well this isn’t T9 technically. Its simple SMS typing. A dictionary integration would make it T9. But I many would still like it over the iPhone QWERTY.

Via SOS iPhone Source on Cydia


  1. To bad this isn’t T9 at all. This is simply ABC.

    T9 would be

    to type this sentence
    “The dog ran fast”
    You’d press.

    But with ABC
    Which is what this keyboard ACTUALLY is.
    You’d press

    I downloaded this keyboard because I love T9, I hate QWERTY and I hate ABC.

    Comeone T9 come to iPhone :'(

  2. Man..thats a well researched

  3. But yeah..timothy is right..t9 is more a kind of dictionary which saves words as they are typed..but I dont think t9 would ever come to iphone officially by apple as they have their own dictionary..(which is kinda irritating)

  4. this does not work on OS 3.0


  6. did someone heard about T9app?

  7. Doesn’t work on 3.1 either… really annoying. If it did work, it would be so much easier to type a text while walking somewhere…

  8. Where do I get this application from?

  9. pls let us know when its avail on OS 3.0 – need this

  10. too late for me … I go back to BlackBerry storm 2 !

  11. i want vfcaller t9 pad in default iphone dialing pad

  12. Will there be an update to have this on iPhone 3.0 upwards? Thanks.

  13. This is retarded. The smart phone is/was supposed to bring the web to the world i.e. non-computer users. I sort of love my blackberry (useful) but i want an iphone. it’s too expensive for now, but i would seriously consider it because just like every old dude who doesn’t trust new gadgets (like my mechanic dad) i hate trying to type with those ridiculous buttons. Every old person i show it too says “how do you press those tiny buttons?”. Every time. Blackberry Storm has t9 but the phone blows, apparently. no 3G (?!?!?!). iPhone, put a friggin t9 on the phone and watch a whole lot of old people buy it. geez. maybe i should make one myself. t9 is copyright though.

  14. Rubbish someone please make a proper T9 keypad for iphone or my iphone 4 is going back !!!

  15. No Iphone for me until T9 app like the one on the sony ericsson.

  16. Dear all, what do I have to dowload from CYDIA?

    What package? I can’t find anything.

    I found only iKeyEx 3 and it does not put anything more on SETTING.

    Please help me.

    Thank you


  17. Same here!!!

  18. I just got the iPhone 4 and want this keyboard and T9 (or a uploaded dictionary). Can someone please post the exact steps on how to get this? Thanks

  19. T9App for $1.99 is awful. I don’t get it…why can’t this simple requirement be met by Apple? Is there a reason they want to lock you to QWERTY?

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