Apple staff training reveals over the air downloads of Movies and TV Shows

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Apple has started to gear up for the mega iPhone 3 launch. It is certain that new iPhone hardware and final availability of iPhone 3.0 OS would be announced @ WWDC 09 next week. With several rumors in the past pointing towards unlimited podcast downloads and movie uploads (editing and upload) in the past, things are getting quite interesting.

AppleInsider reports that the recent training guide handed over to AppleCare staff to prepare themselves for the iPhone v3.0 suggests unlimited Movie and TV shows downloading on the iPhone. Previously Apple only allowed users to sync Video content from iTunes on their PC/Mac.

It is still unclear if Apple would allow movie downloads over 3G network or limit it to just WiFi. Apparently when Apple allowed music downloads directly to the iPhone and iPod Touch it initially limited downloads over WiFi only, thus not increasing the load on AT&T’s 3G network. But with the latest update to AT&T 3G network with HSPA 7.2Mbps and more bandwidth being added we wouldn’t be surprised if the iPhone 3.0 allowed users to upload (YouTube video uploads via  iMovie?) and download video content.

What adds to this rumor is a leak last week that revealed the iTunes store interface on iPhone /iPod Touch for downloading movies, TV shows and also movie rentals. Though the same is not live on the beta OS of iPhone 3.0, lots of indications for us to believe that this is indeed coming! Increasing competition from Nokia, Android and Palm competes with iPhone hardware, but seems as Apple has media and software to its support here. Exciting week ahead (Apple Developer Connection – Worldwide Developers Conference 2009)!

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