Apple Netbook coming in October? 9.7" full touchscreen?


Apple COO Tim Cook said sometime back that they have some good ideas in the netbook space, while Apple doesn’t believe in cheap computers, do they? Engadget notes that Apple is probably the only company now left without a low cost netbook in offering. Rumors of Apple ordering 9.7″ touchscreen displays earlier has rebounded with reports that Foxcon is building the 9.7″ Apple Netbook that would debut in October. The same is expected to be priced around $800.

While its still unclear if the same features a standard netbook shape or a mediapad as many believe it to be. Past reports have also rumored that Apple is testing the mediabook with Verizon, indicating that this would be more of an Internet book, targeted extensively for the online janta with ultra portability.

Apple patents have been digged to find traces of a tablet type device referred as “housing for a computer device”. Design speculations vary from a conventional netbook, Kindle like to a complete tablet. However, the only takeaway news/rumor from here is the October launch and the $800 pricing.

Update: Some wild speculations suggest that Apple might have its own processors powering the speculated netbook while others suggest that the launch might be as late as Q2 2010.

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