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AnyRing – Set any song on your iPod as your Ringtone


AnyRing via Cydia is a great app for all those who love to have different ringtones. iPhone doesn’t allow you to set ringtones directly from your iPod playlist unlike Nokia and other Mobile Handsets. But now AnyRing software makes it easier to set ringtones your songs as your ringtones.

However, there are a few issues. Firstly the app is paid and costs $3.99 which I consider is pretty high for such an app. The second issue is that you can’t set different ringtones for different contacts i.e., You can only set one default ringtone with this app. So, I believe people would go for an easier option of converting their songs on iTunes and then syncing it as their ringtone OR get an app which converts the songs into .m4r ringtones (yeah..there are many of them). One more thing is that you will need to install RockApp installer to get this app and then get a license for this app if you want to use it even as a trial. The process of creating an account on RockApp and then getting a license for the app is pretty tedious. So I recommend readers to avoid this app and use the free ringtone feature offered by iTunes.

Overall the app works fine and is pretty useful as well. However, it needs to be upgraded and also the pricing needs to be rechecked. The app is available for a trial period of ten days.

UPDATE: The updated version allows you to set different ringtones for different contacts..

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  1. Yaniv Danan

    Hi, i’m Yaniv, the developer of AnyRing.

    You have a little mistake in your post. You CAN set different ringtone for each contact.
    Just look at the song options window at the bottom.


  2. The updated version might have added the option..I will update my post..

  3. Yaniv Danan

    graham: Just press the Power and Home Button for 30 seconds to turn off your device.
    everything should be fine once you reboot.

  4. graham

    hey. get this. i tried downloading it. and guess what happened. after i pressed the reload springboard button it FROZE. the entire iphone just froze. none of the buttons work. you can’t touch the screen. nothing. and i’m pretty pissed. especiially cause that’s how i get all my music. so i’m really pissed. it seems like the only option is to reload my iphone on my computer but i really don’t want to lose all the tweaks and stuff i got from cydia. so will this like end once my battery dies or will it just start back up once my phone gets some power?

  5. graham

    well i restored my iphone but my itunes is gay and now my iphone is stuck at a screen that has the itunes symbol, the usb cord, an arrow from the usb cord to the itunes symbol, and a slider at the bottom that says slide for emergency but it means for emergency call. am i totally screwed

  6. graham

    ………………………..well it’s a little late for that…….wish i had known that before i tried to restore it…….now itunes doesn’t recognize the sim card and i need to get all the contacts and stuff back on it…..

  7. aris albinana

    You’re not totally screwed. Google or go to youtube and search how to restore/jailbreak the phone and firmware you currently have. Very hard to completely screw up these phones, unless it’s like a 1st gen or something. dont really know that much on the subject, so i cant give you definitive answers, but there is a fix….

  8. frank

    i cant get it to set sms ringtone i tried recording one and it dont work.. it was a 3 second recording

  9. Christos

    Yaniv this is directly to you since you are the developer. I purchased the latest version of AnyRing. Sometimes the default ringtone I set plays fine but after 1-2 times the phone ONLY vibrates when i get an incoming call instead of playing my ringtone.
    This is very frustrating as I am missing important calls by not hearing the ringtone.

    I am forced to go back to original ones. The idea of the app is excellent , if only it worked flawlessly and did what it claims it does ALWAYS….

    p.s I have also sent an email to iphsoft which I haven’t got any reply yet.

  10. todd

    I installed it with rock and it put me into an endless reboot loop. Has to restore my phone. Not stable for primetime

  11. Yaniv

    Christos: will check and fix.

  12. carltay

    well like previous complaints,my ringtone works few times then vibrates only…any ideas???

  13. Simba

    the whole app is bullshit, nothing works on it, i cant play the song im trying to crop in the app like its supposed to allow, i have to go to ipod and right down the times i want to crop, plus, when your done setting it up, how the hell do you MAKE the ringtone? it says set as default and resprings after i exit but yet its not on the list, i advise staying away and you can just make the ringtones with itunes, easy cheap and once you get used to it its faster. plus if you have to restore you dont lose the ringtone

  14. Simba

    oh and guess what!? mine doesnt ring AT ALL i called myself 3 times using different ringtones and setups and it doesnt work, charge $4.00 to put your phone on silent. for $4 each person you’d think they would be able to actually make it work. but the best idea is to make it work in the first place BEFORE you put it up

  15. SteveA


    I am also having the same problem after purchasing the app it ran for a bit now it wont ring at all I have tried reinstalling etc but now there is no ring unless i shut it off.

  16. Eileen

    Hi just a question, AnyRing only works on jailbroken iphone? I intend to restore my iphone.. so just wondering if it still work if i purchase it before my restore.

  17. harsh


    This app supports what all firmwares? please mention.

  18. DB


    Im having the “silent problem” too, only with SMS-tones. Sometimes it playes my recorded sound, but mostly it doesnt. Sent an email to developers and hoping for quick and positive feedback. Paying for an app that makes no sound most of the times is somewhat irritating.

    Hoping the devs will get this sorted soon.


  19. kc

    I have downloaded ANYRING, paid my 4$ and the ringtones will play. The sms tone wont play it will just vibrate. Could you please fix this? If your’re going to be taking peoples money, the least you could do is have this fixed.

  20. myisha

    I paid for the AnyRing app and it wont allow me to activate I was not sent a code via email and paypal confirms my purchse how do I retrieve my purchase

  21. Dave

    Dude you need to fix this POS app. You are STEALING peoples money of an app that won’t work! We will ALL be waiting for an update………

  22. Deborah

    I’m getting an error message when I try to use the record option.
    cannot record to /var/mobile/library/Anyring/Record_1273405399.caf

    Can you help with this problem?


  23. jules

    cant record comes up with error cant save to var/mobile/libbrary/anyring
    any ideas?

  24. Vern

    Downloaded, set-up , but am unable to get any of the ‘Contacts’ numbers to ring with specific ringtones. All I can get is the default ringtone I made from a mp3 file. Are there any settings on the phone or in the program I need to set to make the specific ringtone work on the specific contacts? Vern

    OS is 3.1.2 (7D11)

  25. Simba

    notice how when we start getting frustrated because theyre stealing money this “developer” stops posting? they’re not making an update for this stupid ass money taker app. if they do its “bug fixes” and we all know how apple likes to make bug fixes…NOBODY BUY THIS BULLSHIT. i bought it on my old 3G to and it still didnt work, so its not like its a select amount of phones not cooperating with this app. Its sole purpose is to take your money.

  26. Nay

    U have wreck my iPhone ,it won’t even ring even aftr I uninstall the bloody app. How to fix this????

  27. rawaz

    hi thank you for this program

  28. Genonceaux


    First, will you excuse my English.

    I have bought your program “Anyring” and I have a problème.

    I’ve set a default ringtone and it is OK. But, when I want to set a ring for a special contact, there is a problem. I push on the + for choose a contact in the list of my Iphone and when I’ve choosed a name, I have a red circle with a white line and it is written ” (nul)”.

    How to do to attribute a special ring for a special contact.

    Now, I just know choose a Default ringtone but I find it is really enough for this program I’ve bought.

    Do you Know help me ?

    Tank you

    Genonceaux J-M

  29. Peppe

    Don’w work with new IOS4! Before the update it was fantastic! Everithing work fine (defaul ring – defaul sms anda special ring for many contacts). After the update of OS, setting special ring for special contacts failed and the default ring don’t ring….
    I hope for update….
    Sorry for my english

  30. Genonceaux

    I have the problem with Anyring with IOS 3.1.3

  31. Peppe

    Try with a contact type: “name” “surname” “number”
    I want say, a contact as this: Genonceaux Anyring 387687348
    If you have a contact as “peppe” “8764865” it’s null in anyring….
    With 3.1.3 my anyring works fine and i like it very much!

  32. Genonceaux

    Thank you for your answer.
    I’ve change the name of a contact as you propose : name, forname and the number and indeed, when I will attribute a ring to a special contact, I can choose it (it is not written “nul” as before – the name of the contact is really written) but…. it’s always the ring as default that rings.
    I’ve a new question : is it really possible to have together a default ring for the usual situation and others rings for special contact ?
    Thank you very much for your answer.


  33. Peppe

    Yes! Until I used 3.1.3. i used a default ring tone (setted by AnyRing). Then by AnyRing I setted a specific ringtone for some contact

  34. maneaters

    It doesnt work on my 3gs ios4.had to uninstall.

  35. Adam

    Is anyone else having problems with iPhone 4 ios 4.0.1? Everytime I choose iPod song and then select an artist %80 of my iPod songs don’t appear. Someone help!

  36. ray

    Same issue, only a few of my songs show in the library….also, it doesnt recognize an existing ringtone as the default ringtone.

  37. De Poorter David

    I setted a specific ringtone for some contact and it WONT work ???!!!

  38. Mike

    Anyring bricked my i, was perfect jb’ed on 313 but now stuck on apple logo.
    Strongly advise against this shit.

  39. Abz

    My Anyring works properly on my Iphone4 but when i started to play ipod songs it stuck in the middle, seems like my Anyring sms tone that i used include in the ipod song. When i try to play back, still my Anyring sms tone. Hope u can solve this situation ……

  40. mark

    I am also getting the intermittent ring with this app. Rings OK after re-activation of the app, then it wont work, and you end up with several missed calls. Sometimes the vibrate works, other times not.
    Same with sms’s.

    I reallly like the app layout, etc, but it needs a big update for IOS4.1, 4.2.
    The developer needs to do some thorough testing before releasing it to us users.

  41. Ketia

    I have installed AnyRing in my IPhone IOS 4.0 but it doesn’t work.
    How could i do?

  42. Vlad

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  43. Johnny Ixe

    Or you can use free app GeoRing to instantly turn any any song in your iTunes library into ringtone with just a few taps. Unlike other ringtone-making apps, GeoRing doesn’t require iTunes syncing, which means your phone can ring with any song right away. Plus, create a Ringtone Playlist of your favorite songs and shuffle your ringtones to hear a new song every time. No free app makes ringing so much fun. You can find GeoRing in the App Store. No need to jailbreak.

  44. Da

    How do i download or installer Anyring App into my iphone ?

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