aTube Video Downloader – MxTube alternative for iPhone (Cydia)

063 is certainly one of the favourite apps of quite a few on the iPhone. However, Apple has restricted the feature of downloading the videos to the app. But Cydia came up with MxTube which allows you to download and stream videos directly from the app.

However, now we have an alternative to it. aTube Video Downloader is a youtube video grabber for the iPhone via Cydia. Below is a list of features the app possesses.


  • Search for youtube videos
  • Choose a video for downloading or streaming
  • Watch the video before downloading it
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • Cancellation of downloads
  • Delete videos
  • Watch other videos while downloading
  • Manage your videos

However, the app still needs some repair. The app is sluggish in its functioning and hangs sometimes. Also, it lacks some features downloading options like high quality, low quality, flv+covert etc. which MxTube already has. But its just the first release on Cydia and I expect the app to get better with updates. To download the app search for ‘atube video downloader’ on Cydia

Via BigBoss & Planet-iPhones Repository

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