Nokia Patents new multi touch concept


Suing Apple for patent infringement  is not all that Nokia is doing these days; instead they have this new multi touch technology for which a patent has been filing. Fillings reveal the use touchscreens to measure how much pressure the user is applying to display to suggest different actions. So a hard press on the capacitive screen might be taken as a double click while or simply to zoom into an image. The possible uses of this technology are many.

Apple changed the entire smartphone game with its multitouch technology on the iPhone. It was a dream phone for many. And in Apple’s own words ‘competitors are still catching up with the original iPhone we released 2 yrs back’. IMO only the Palm Pre came close to the challenge that iPhone has thrown at the industry. But the smartphone boom is still underway, we are going to see a strong surge in smartphone shipments over the next decade. That means lot more surprises and innovations!

So would we see the news revolution in touchscreen technology by Nokia devices with multitouch pressure sensing capabilities.

Via OnlyGizmos

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