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Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 2G OS 3.1.2 with blackra1n & unlock with BootNeuter

Note: This guide is for iPhone 1st Generation. For iPhone 3G or 3GS running 3.1.2 go here

Here, are the steps to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 2G (EDGE / 1st Gen)  running on OS 3.1.2  with blackra1n:

Before starting these steps, make sure you’ve updated to OS 3.1.2 from iTunes


  • Now click on the Windows Logo, to download the Windows version.
  • Save the blackra1n.exe and Plug your iPhone.


  • Once it is saved, right click and select open, or you can also browse to the path where you saved it and open the exe.


  • As soon as you launch the blackra1n.exe, you will see a big button with caption ‘make it ra1n‘, click on that button.

entering recovery 20340


  • Now your phone will be entered in a DFU mode, and you will see Geohot’s photo on your iPhone screen and in the meantime you will also see iTunes saying to restore the phone: just ignore it.


  • Let your iPhone reboot.
  • Once it is rebooted, you will see blackra1n on your iPhone screen, open it.
  • Now you will see 3 things: Cydia, Rock and sn0w.
  • Tap on cydia, but before doing that make sure you are connected to WIFI.


  • It will install cydia. (don’t need to install sn0w that is meant only for 3G and 3GS)
  • Similarly, again launch blackra1n and install Rock  if you want.
  • Now Launch cydia and update it if asks.
  • Now search for ‘BootNeuter’ and install it.

BootNeuter BootNeuter Install

  • Once BootNeuter is installed, Reboot phone and launch BootNeuter.
  • Now make sure you do the same setting mentioned on  below screen shot:


  • Once you do the settings mentioned on above screenshot, tap on red color Flash button and reboot again. Note: Don’t interrupt flashing process, it might take some time so please be patient.  😛


  • That’s you are done, You will also see your Carrier name.
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  1. Belfast Bobby

    I have a 2G iphone on 3.1.2 which is already jailbroken and unlocked with the latest Pwnage (3.1.4).

    From the Blackrain steps above I see that this will also enable tethering. How do I get tethering without necessarily have to jailbrake again (if it aint broken don’t fix it!) ? If I am to re-jailbreak what will be the result of having an already Pwned 2G iPhone on 3.1.2 but with no tethering?

  2. David

    I just used backra1n to jailbreak my 2g iphone3.1.2
    then using bootneuter to unlock.
    when I insert the sim for tmobil, the iphone tells me to connect to itunes.
    itunes then tells me it’s the wrong sim.
    What did I do wrong? and how do I fix this?

  3. unlocking didnt work properly. Try running bootneuter again. Choose the 4.6 option there.

  4. Murph

    What does the Fake Blank do?

    BTW I’ve also run Boot Neuter on 3.1.2 and have the same iTunes activation issue.

  5. rickyt

    Boot neuter does not seem to work for my 2G 3.1.2 firmware either. another blog suggested that I DFU. I did everything with the 2g 3.1.2 firmware to unlock it but the bootneuter didnt work. SO:

    Plug into computer and do a DFU restore (refer to google on how)

    In itunes w/ phone connected hit SHIFT (KEY ON KEYBOARD) + RESTORE(PC) or OPTION+RESTORE(MAC), and select the 3.0 .ispw (FIND it on google somewhere)

    Then run REDSNOW 0.7.2 for WIN or MAC

    Continue as instructed. Make sure you hit CYDIA and UNLOCK, not ICY.

    Once redsnow is done. After reboot. I just put in a TMOBILE sim card and i got service no problems, works perfectly.
    ??? Will this work??

  6. Ankur

    I unlocked my iPhone 2G running 3.1.2 just a couple of days back using bootneuter. Not sure why it isn’t working for many. Just that I had to run blackra1n twice as the device hanged once.

    Try ensuring that your iTunes is not running when you blackra1n the iPhone. Also see the bootneuter settings from the image above.

  7. Paul

    I solved my wrong SIM issue by doing a restore in iTunes while keeping the SIM out of the phone until after running BlackRa1n. I tried to run BooterNeuter again, but there was no need because what it did previously was not undone by the restore. I then put the SIM in and set it up as a new phone in iTunes. Hope that helps you!

  8. rickyt

    ankur and paul, thank you. i finally got it.. dfu restore with the new sim installed and voila!! i’m all set. thanks to all on this site.

  9. sean

    please tell me i did not brick this thing!
    its a 2g, restored to new with 3.12
    i did the black snow…
    i did the cydia bootnooter…
    i insert my tmobile sim…
    and all it wants me to do is connect to itunes

    no calls,
    no access to anything.

    the funny thing, is when i pop OUT my sim…
    i see tmobile in the top left corner.

    but no matter how many times i reboot…
    all i get is new sim detected

    please help me!

  10. Divyang

    Hey guys i m from india
    i have a iphone 2g 3.0.unlocked through redsnow (edge)..i m really exicted about 3.1.2 cause it allows me to tether…..can anyone tell me that
    what if my sim does not work after installing bootneuter!! Will i be able to downgrade it!! Back to 3.0!
    Plz help
    Iphone GURU’s

  11. qwerty

    I had a unlocked jailbroken iphone 2g 3.0. upgraded to 3.2.1 and then used blackra1n. installed cydia then looked at the top left corner and it says t-mobile. for some reason it is already unlocked.

  12. ben

    I Have A Iphone 2G Locked To 02 Planning On Unlocking to 3.1.2 Using Blackra1n. When I Start The Unlocking Process Do I Need a Sim Card In? & when i Launch Blackra1n Do I need To Exit Itunes Before Hitting Make It Ra1n ? Cheers

  13. ben

    As Above ^^^^^ Sorry Its When i Start Bootneuter Do i Need A Sim Card In ?  😕

  14. ben

    Ohh ! And Also Do I use Apples 3.1.2 Firmware Or Can Or Should I Use A 3.1.2 ipsw file ?? Cheers Again

  15. Tony

    Having issues with BootNeuter and hangin/won’t allow my T Mobile sim to work….
    I’ve DFU reinstalled and still having the issue.
    Any thoughts?


  16. Tony

    BTW: BootNeuter says:
    Neuter On
    FakeBlank Off
    Unlock On.
    I get the plug into itunes message when I drop in my T Mobil Sim.

  17. Patel

    I’ve jailbroken using blackra1n and that worked fine, then installed cydia and bootneuter, I’ve tried unlocking and every time I try dropping my new sim card in the re-connect to itunes keeps popping up, I’ve tried this 4 times now…what am I doing wrong? PLEASE HELP

  18. Patel

    I do have a 2g 1st generation iPhone, and i cant figure out why this isn’t working all the youtube video’s and everything i’ve watched worked out fine, and i’m following them step by step and it still won’t work. I don’t know maybe because I don’t put my new sim in until the flash has occured its not unlocking? I’m using the 4.6 flash…HELP PLEASE

  19. Ben

    At patel I had the same problem I had to remove lock down files from the phone, I can’t remember off by hand how to do it, google how to remove lock down files it worked for me, hope this helps!

  20. jamie

    I’ve tried all of the above and still no dice, it was at the original firmware it had when sold in shop but due to being so uset to 3g and 3gs i jump straight in to find no way no get this phone to get any service, will a restore to an older firmware remove the damage done by this one? or do i have to down grade the base band another way?

  21. Patel

    Ben how would I locate these lockdown files, I’ve gone into the iphone using win sp and i saw a folder called lock but and deleted that, and that didn’t work…???

  22. Jamie

    So I tried deleating the lockdown folders and using boot neuter about 50 time and still no service would one of the bs companys actually have any chance or is just the same methods

  23. dheeraj

    I just used backra1n to jailbreak my 2g iphone3.1.2then using bootneuter to unlock.when I insert the sim for tmobil, the iphone tells me to connect to itunes.itunes then tells me it’s the wrong sim.What did I do wrong? and how do I fix this?  ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

  24. xRome

    I am VERY confused and need some help please.

    It says that before starting blackrain, make sure to update the iphone to 3.1.2 through itunes.

    But my iphone 2g has NEVER been used before. How would it be possible to upgrade the firmware when all it can do is make emergency calls (still in sealed box until i confirm I can make this work for me)?

  25. xRome

    I am trying to use tmobile, so I cannot activate my phone through AT&T. I don’t know how to get past the activation.

  26. Belfast Bobby

    Hi xRome

    Everbody appears to have some problem or other but there is a foolproof way to make sure everything runs the way it should.

    Search for iclarified on the way and look at jailbreaking and unlocking. The instructs also allow for downloading the correct software to do the job.

    However, make sure it is the Pwnage Tool 3.1.4 which is specifically for upgrading to Apple 3.1.2.

    Pwnage Tool allows for a complete system restore by which it is unlocked and jailbroken.

    I have used Pwnage for my 2G iphone since the very beginning and have 100% success each time.

    Follow the instructions on iclarified which are very clear but again make sure it’s Pwnage 3.1.4.

    Good Luck

  27. xRome

    Hmm ok I think after even more researched I figured part of it out. From a new, never activated phone:

    1.) I put in my Tmobile SIM.

    2.)I put it in DFU mode, and shiftclick restore to the 3.1.2 ipsw file.

    3.) After it “restores”, close itunes and open and run blackrain (which will hacktivate and jailbreak my phone)

    4.) When the iphone reboots, it should now allow me to get past the emergency calling screen. Open blackrain, install cydia and find an unlocker from cydia to unlock to tmobile.

    Do i have all those steps in the correct order? I want to make sure becuase it seems like I might only have 1 shot at this from an unactivated phone…

  28. xRome

    @ belfast bobby

    it appears pwnage tool is only for Mac… and I have a PC.

    thanks for your reply, though!

  29. brian

    Hi, I had an iphone 2g 3.1.2 – i used blackra1n, cydia, and bootneuter. I jailbreaked. But after I ran bootneuter it said TMobile in the corner but it kept saying “Connect to Itunes”. I then connected to itunes to restore it, but accidentally upgraded to 3.1.3. My baseband is 04.05.04, and when I put the Tmobile card in it still says TMobile in the corner and “Connect to Itunes”. WHAT DO I DO NOW??? RUN BLACKRA1N AGAIN? OR RUN REDSNOW?? PLEASE HELP!

  30. DJ

    ihave did the jailbreak a million times and it just wont work blackrain wont come up on the phone im sure the process is simple after i get cydia can anyone help me out

  31. Belfast Bobby

    Hi Everyone

    Whilt there are many jailbreak techniques I still swear by the Pwnage way.

    This system completely restores you iPhone to the current Apple ispw by creating a custom ispw which you point to when restoring through iTunes.

    I have used this way on each and every upgrade since the iPhone came on to the market particularly in Australia where the 2G iPhone has never been supported.

    The one and only site other than the Dev Team’s is iClarified where you can choose whichever tutorial suits your particular situation.

    The PwnageTool is the best and safest way to jailbreak/unlock your 2G iPhone. The one PwnageTool not only jailbreaks your iPhone but also unlocks it and the same time. No need to move from one jailbreak method to another to get it unlocked.

    Once you have chosen your preferred way to go on iClarified the step by step tutorial is a clear and easy way to follow.

    Stick with PwnageTool for all your upgrades and you’ll never be out of luck.

  32. sebastian

    Maybe this come a bit too late but the steps you posted (02.12.10 at 11:56 am) are absolutely correct.
    The message is just to confirm that it DOES work.


  33. xrome

    Thanks for the comment sebastian.

    yes it did work 🙂

  34. Steve Jobs

    “Tap on cydia, but before doing that make sure you are connected to WIFI.”
    Dude, what about those of us who don’t HAVE frikkin’ WIFI?

  35. Deth

    Hey guys, I just got an iPhone 2g with 3.1.2 and I was running bootloader and it was setup like the picture so I put in my simcard and it told me to connected to iTunes, well after I did it said wrong sim card or something? Can someone please help?

  36. just try unlocking with redsnow. its much better

  37. Pranav

    I have a 1st gen iphone with OS 3.1.2 and baseband 04.05.04. I followed these steps (except I did it on a mac instead of a PC), but now I am stuck with the “Emergency mode” “detected different sim” message.

    Anyone know if this is because of the baseband or because something else? How can I fix it?

  38. St3f

    i keep trying to do this but i get this erroer that says: This Application has failed to start because ASL.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

    but i have tried 3 time already and it still isnt working.. any help please??!!


  39. adir

    i tried your way but the iphone does not restart….to install the cyndia and rock what can i do please help

  40. Blank Black screen

    my iPhone 2G is at 3.1.2 i jailbroken and i dont see the import sim contacts in the settings –> mail contacts calender, so i have tried for upgrading 3.1.3 wih iTunes. Its showing Not a valid sim screen i itunes, So again connected and restored it. and came back to 3.1.2 i guess. Now if i try again the same ways for jailbreaking with blackrai1n.exe its getting stuck at the lack scren before rebooting i have seen the log.txt its a bit confusing.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks i advance.

  41. caroline olivia

    I have the Iphone 2G, I’m not using a sim card. I want it to listen to music, and play with apps. Until my contract with Sprint is over then I’ll switch to Att and activate it with them. Thats why i didnt just buy an Itouch.
    But anyways……
    I’m totally having issues with this. I’m using 3.1.2 firmware. I’ve tried sooooooo many times and it still doesnt work. .
    When I use blackra1n, it says “done, wait for reboot” and it is still on a black screen. Geohot does not pop up.
    Is there another way besides the one they already listed?

    please get back asap!

  42. Jinny

    I’m totally having issues with this. I’m using 3.1.2 firmware. I’ve tried sooooooo many times and it still doesnt work. .
    When I use blackra1n, it says “done, wait for reboot” and it is still on a black screen. Geohot does not pop up.wait for 10 blackrain while the first one is still existing and it says”“done, wait for reboot” immediately unplug usb from phone and plug usb wire to phone again..Geohot does not pop up!!!
    Is there another way besides the one they already listed?

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