So Apple Tablet coming in Jan, 7" screen? (Updated)

AApple tablet rumors are plenty, but this one seems to have convinced many since the source banking on the rumor this time is BGR. Known to leak big ones BGR seems to be 100% sure that Apple is cooking up a 7″ tablet for january launch. Their sources are unsure about the 10″ version which is being rumored since ages.

So will the iPhone OS 4.0 actually graduate to the tablet mac aswell? Many questions, one month of wait, lets see!

Update:  More hints of a larger screen handheld being prepared for launch next month comes our way. Apparently Apple is asking some developers to prepare full screen demos of their apps as against the iPhone / iPod touch versions running 320×480 resolution. This goes very well with what we just heard about a 7″ tablet coming in 2010. And now it seem that this might well run a modified version or iPhone OS compatible version. Wondering if the  OS 4.0 mention was actually this TablerMac and not the iPhone 4G?

Update: Apple CEO Steve Jobs trashed all chances of a 7″ tablet from Apple by calling all screen-inch offerings Dead On Arrival.

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