Apple owns since 2 years

Macrumors has discovered that Apple owns the domain name, and that’s enough to add some fuel to the existing Tablet rumors that have been bugging us for a while now. The domain was booked with privacy protection on using MarkMonitor, but somehow got exposed for a few weeks before being hidden again.

No I am not really suggesting that the upcoming 7″ Apple TabletMac would be called the iSlate, but Apple owning the domain is certainly an indication that this was something Apple considered important to its business. Unlike which Apple bought for a huge $ amount as they had not secured it before announcing the iPhone in 2007, this time they are justified in securing possible names for products underdevelopment. Previously we had seen that Apple had trademarked the name Tablet Mac. So what would the Apple tablet really called? Better question, is it really coming? Apple had actually secured the name in December 1999!

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