Apple sourcing 10" screen, the dual case of Apple Tablet

New rumors of Foxconn’s a subsidy supplying 10″ screens to Apple have sparked the 10″ Apple tablet rumors. Apparently Apple wanted to strengthen the 10″ screen on its tablet and their search ended with G-Tech Optoelectronics providing Apple a glass strengthening process.

Foxconn’s optical glass processing subsidiary G-Tech Optoelectronics will provide a glass strengthening process for the device, while Taiwan-based optical film maker Wah Hong Industrial has also reportedly landed component orders. [digitimes].

Over the past week, we had strong strong rumors of the Apple tablet being announced in early 2010. This was said to be a 7″ version which was complimented with two more rumors, a patent about tactile feedback on the touchscreen and the other being that Apple has asked some superstar iPhone app developers to make full screen version of popular apps. Now with this 10″ twist, all, we can assume is that the random, irritating and baseless rumors are out again, or the smart ass analyst who predicted that the Apple tablet would come out in 2 versions is probably correct. I would personally bet a little more on a 10″ tablet, a 7″ is as enjoyable as an iPhone!