myTunes allows you to view & copy songs via ssh/ iFile/iPhone Browser

myTunes are a real cool app for the iPhone. I would rather call it a tweak as it doesn’t have any icon. The app gives you access to the songs and videos stored on your iPhone/iPod Touch through its folder at the path ‘private/var/mobile/media/myTunes’. You can access these paths via ssh into iPhone/iPod touch or iPhonebrowser on your PC and even through iFile from your iPhone itself.

This app lets you get the original MP3 files of your music collection from your iPod touch or iPhone with their original track names. Normally if, you access the iPod folder on the iPhone and look for songs (at itunes _control/music/f01/fder.mp3) you will find weird names for the song file & folders like ‘TGKP.mp3″ thus making it virtually impossible to locate a particular file on the iPhone.

Now with myTunes you can actually recover your entire library using the iPhonebrowser incase, you end up with a corrupted playlist on your local desktop / mac or if your system crashes. This would also make it easy for you to transfer files via bluetooth (using iBluetooh – note currently works only on firmware 3.1.1 or below).

“To achieve this Mytunes keeps polling the itunes database for changes (in a highly unobtrusive way so it won’t drain any battery at all) and creates hard links for the track files.”

Note: Pasting a mp3 file in the myTunes folder wont insert it in the iPod app.

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